• Knowing how to fix a disabled graphics card from BIOS or Windows can be key at times
  • We review what are the steps to follow, regardless of the circumstances in which it has stopped working

While it is true that there are PC games that do not need a graphics card, and other content that can also do without it, the truth is that for many of the activities of a computer, we will need it. So, considering that it can fail, in this article we show you the steps to repair a graphics card that is not working, either because it is disabled or because it shows a black screen.

The first thing to keep in mind, in this sense, is that depending on how comfortable you feel with your computer and its peripherals, this procedure will seem very simple, or extremely complicated.

We are going to show you the ways you have to fix a disabled graphics card from BIOS or Windows, analyzing some of the details that make up this component and how it works.

What to know about BIOS and CMOS?

If we talk about BIOS, stands for Basic Input / Output System, and it is the firmware of a chip that is read first during boot, in addition to telling the PC what to do with each of the pieces of hardware.

On the other hand, the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) acts as short-term memory, telling the team what to do each time the device is turned on.

Repair a graphics card from the BIOS

Repair disabled graphics card from BIOS with a switch

The initial solution in these cases is to reset the BIOS using a switch included in your laptop or desktop PC. You should know that resetting the BIOS only makes sense if the GPU was disabled from there. Explaining it another way, if you disabled it from Windows Device Manager, go ahead.

Otherwise, most motherboards have a CMOS reset switch, which disconnects battery backup power to the BIOS. The switch is actually a pin and pin configuration. That way, if your board includes a reset switch, it’s the simplest method to reset it.

That happens because, when you remove the plug from the pins, the BIOS “forgets” which settings to use at startup and reverts to its default values. Just in case, none of your files or data will be affected.

Remove the CMOS battery from your laptop or desktop

Since CMOS is powered by a small battery, the size of a minimum coin, another BIOS reset option is to remove it, extracting it in seconds, always with the machine off and without external cables.

Once you can access the internal components, find and remove the CMOS battery, which you will recognize as looking like a large clock battery. Usually located in an exposed case on the motherboard.

With the CMOS battery removed, the CMOS should reset to its default values ​​after a few seconds. Now is the time to re-insert the battery, seal the computer case, and restart it.

On a laptop things could be more complicatedAs some models have a pop-up tray in the chassis to do this, while others do not, and you will have to disassemble your laptop, difficult as it may be.

Everything will depend on your laptop brand and model, so we recommend you look for information about yours.

Repair a disabled graphics card in Windows

As we have mentioned, If your graphics card was disabled in Windows using Device Manager or another application, you will need to re-enable it by starting in Safe Mode.

If you don’t know how to do it, here we tell you how to start Windows 10 in safe mode easily and quickly. After that initial procedure, the initial screen should work without problems, and that will give you the possibility to enable the graphics card, update the drivers or restore the system to its factory mechanism.

  • When Windows starts, open Device Manager
  • Scroll down to Display Adapters and click there
  • Next, right click on graphics card and select Enable device

When you are done, you must restart the computer. If it doesn’t work, try updating the drivers.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact the manufacturer, who will give you some more details.

In case you have come to the conclusion that you have to renew yours, you will probably want to know some interesting options. Here are some of the best graphics cards (GPU) of 2020.

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