Fortunately, fix audio problems on xbox it is something we can do in a matter of a few minutes. Leaving aside that it may be due to a defective HDMI cable, the console offers us several options to find the error that is causing the audio problem and solve it.

Fix audio issues on Xbox

Check HDMI connections

The main cause of audio problems on Xbox is precisely the connection between the TV and the console via HDMI. So we will proceed to verify this connection as follows.

  • We go to Profile and system> Settings> General.
  • We will have to go to the TV and Screen options, we choose Video Fidelity.
  • In the Display option, we select HDMI.

This will ensure that the device connected to the console via HDMI is the primary audio source.

Run the audio configuration tool

We can run the audio configuration tool to test if it solves the problem, we will do it in the following way.

  • We go to Settings> General> Volume and audio output.
  • We go to Advanced and select the Audio Settings option.
  • We will have to choose the one we want to use and then press the A button to start the audio test on the console.
  • When we choose any audio configuration to test, it will give an audio signal and in this way we will know which of the speakers is defective and we will proceed to solve it.
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In case of hardware problems in the speakers, then we will have to proceed to change or repair it.

Chat Mixer Settings

If you encounter this issue while playing the game when using the voice chat feature, the issue may be with the chat mixer. We will need to check the chat mixer settings and adjust the sound level while chatting.

  • We will press the Xbox button to open the guide and then we will go to Profile and system.
  • In Settings, we will click on Volume and audio output.
  • We go to Advanced Options, select Chat Mixer and choose the best option.

audio voice receiver

If we have an external audio receiver connected to the console, the problem may be here.

  • With the remote control of the television we will have to press the Input or Source button.
  • We’ll move the input source away from the audio receiver and then come back.
  • We will restart the audio and video receiver, we will also configure the connection of the TV to HDMI.
  • We open the guide on Xbox using the controller and go to Profile and system.
  • Now we go to Settings> General> TV and screen.
  • We select Video Fidelity.

If we still have the audio problem, it is very likely that it is the faulty HDMI cable. If this is the case, we will have to try changing the cable to rule it out. If we experience audio lag while gaming or there is some sort of audio/video sync issue, then the issue could be with the TV.

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