We want to enjoy split accounts in Battlefield 2042 and suddenly we meet him error code 15-7A What can we do to fix it? This problem is very annoying, but luckily, there are a few ways to take care of it quickly so we can focus on what we really want.

When this error appears we will see a message that will say something like this:

Error code in Battlefield 2042

“Cannot load persistence data. The game will return to the start menu. Please check your internet connection, make sure the platform client is online and try again. See ea.com/unable-to-connect for more information.

Error code: 15-7A”

Thanks to the different reports, we know that this error occurs on both computers and consoles. The reasons behind this error can be several: problems with the server, our internet connection, administrator permissions, problems with our default DNS, the Windows firewall or antivirus, etc.

Fix error code 15-7A in Battlefield 2042

Check the status of the servers

The first thing we will have to do is verify that the game servers are online and working properly. On several occasions, the Battlefield 2042 servers have experienced technical failures that prevent us from connecting to play. In this sense, the ideal thing would be for us to review the official Twitter account to be able to inform ourselves on the subject.

If the error is from the server, then we are just going to have to wait. If this is not the case and everything is working properly, we will have to apply other methods.

Test internet connection

This error can happen because we have an unstable Internet connection or connectivity problems on the PC or console. Therefore, we are going to have to proceed to verify our connection and make sure that it is working properly.

To check if our internet connection is good enough to be able to play multiplayer online games without problems, we have different tools that will allow us to measure the speed of the network.

Additionally, we always recommend using the Ethernet (wired) connection over a Wi-Fi connection, in most cases it is considerably more stable.

Start Battlefield 2042 as administrator to fix error 15-7A in Battlefield 2042

The missing permissions issue may be the trigger point for this error. There are several games and applications that require administrator privileges in order to function properly. In order to run it as an administrator, we will have to right click on the Battlefield 2042 icon and choose “Run as administrator”.

Disable Cross-Play

Another thing we can try is to disable the Cross-Play feature. Obviously, this is a useful feature that allows us to play a game with people who are playing the game from a different device than ours. For example, a PC user can play with an Xbox user. But in several cases, we saw reports that it can generate the 15-7a error.

  • We start the game and go to the Options menu to access the Settings.
  • After this, we are going to have to go to the General tab and in Other options, we will look for the Cross-Play function; here we are going to have to set it to off.

Once we finish, we proceed to open the game again and check if the problem is fixed.

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