We love emulators! They allow us to enjoy operating systems and video games. Thanks to these programs we can play games from different consoles or emulate operating systems like Android on Windows. However, like any program, we can come across the occasional inconvenience. Today we are going to see just how fix common errors in MEmu emulator That has happened to all of us, even once.

The world of emulation is huge and we can find many who emulate video games from different consoles. We can enjoy Game Boy Advance games for Windows, we will also have the opportunity to enjoy NES games for PC, we even find them available on iPad and iPhone.

Remember that we also have the possibility of using Android applications in Linux without the need for an emulator itself. Something that is extremely effective and helps optimize the experience.

Fix common errors in MEmu emulator

Fix problem: Error initializing MEmu

Sometimes it happens that when trying to open the MEmu emulator, we find the error “Error initializing”. This error can be due to different reasons:

Application crashes or Initialization Failed errors can be caused by AMD CPUs. Unfortunately, in this case the only solution is to change the CPU.

We can also change the system configuration processing mode or send the name of the failing application to support@icrovirt.com

In case the error is related to security or the emulator, the problem is that the developer of the application blocks the emulator. Again, we will have to contact support to fix it.

If while we are executing the application in the MEmu emulator, the error is generated as we see in the image that accompanies the article, we are using an AMD CPU. The cause of the error may be the missing x86 lib.so file.

In these cases, most of the time, the only way to fix it is to send the application name and very specific description of the error to support@microvirt.com.

Error running emulator

When we are running the emulator and we find the error when starting it, the reasons can be several and we are going to comment on them below:

The operating system crashes due to sudden power failure and causes the MEmu disk image to get corrupted. The solution is to create a new MEmu using Multi-MEmu.

Antivirus software blocks specific files on MEmu. The only solution is to disable the antivirus program and create a new MEmu using Multi-MEmu.

Installation did not complete due to restricted environment and antivirus program. We are going to have to disable the security programs and reinstall the software as an administrator.

MEmu failed to start, please restart your computer and try again

The reason for this error may be that the emulator installation file is corrupted. The only way to fix it is to uninstall the software, restart your computer, and proceed with the installation again.

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