If we meet him bug 30016-22 when installing office, obviously it will bother us a lot. This annoying problem prevents us from installing the Microsoft office suite and enjoying all its benefits. Luckily, we can use different methods to find a simple solution.

Reasons why this error can be generated

Error 30016-22 appears when a user tries to install Office on a computer. The error mostly happens due to registry conflicts and insufficient space allocation. Although we can also find problems related to the Internet connection, third-party applications or damaged or obsolete files, among other things.

Fix error 30016-22 when installing Office

Use Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

The first thing we will have to try is to use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, this will help us solve problems related to Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive and any Office application. The aforementioned tool is capable of helping us solve problems related to Windows activation, updates, Office installation, etc.

Disable third-party antivirus temporarily

In case you are not using Windows Defender and use a third-party antivirus, what we will have to do is temporarily disable it. So we are going to proceed to disable it and try to install Office as we always would, with administrator permissions if possible.

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Disk Cleanup

Free disk space.

If we have storage problems, obviously we will not be able to install Office in any way and we will suffer error 30016-22 when we try. We are going to clean up our disk with Disk Cleanup as follows:

  • We are going to press Start and type Disk Cleanup to open it.
  • We will select the files that we want to delete.
  • The system will ask us for confirmation.
  • We will click on Delete files to continue.
  • If we click on Clean system files, we will see more options.

With this last option, we can delete all system restore points, leaving aside the most recent ones, clean Windows Update files, etc.

Delete Office registry subkeys

delete subkeys

If you’re still getting error 30016-22, the problem may be with the Windows Registry Editor.

  • We click on Start, we will look for Registry Editor and we will proceed to open it.
  • We will go to the following path: ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice
  • Next, we’re going to need to delete all the subkeys that are under the Office key.
  • We will restart the computer after completing these steps and check if we can install Office.

Repair Office installation

The possibility of repairing Office can help many users to solve the problem, to achieve this we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We will press the Windows + i key combination to access Settings.
  • We click on Applications> Applications and features.
  • Next, we scroll down, click on the Office product we want to repair and choose Modify.
  • We click on Online Repair and we will follow the instructions that appear on the screen to solve it.
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Install Office in clean boot mode

Fix error 30016-22 when installing Office with a clean boot.

Another very common reason for the problem is when we have other applications installed on our device, which would be normal. However, in this case they are conflicting with the Office setup program. What we will have to do is start the PC in clean boot mode so that Windows restricts third-party applications and can verify that they are not the problem.

In case we do not have any problem, we will have to manually enable the applications one by one to see which one is causing the problem.

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