One of the most popular streaming services today is Hulu, it allows us to enjoy a huge amount of content: movies, series, documentaries, television shows and different entertainment proposals that are worth every minute. Despite being a great service, we may encounter the odd problem. Precisely for this reason, today we will see how to fix Hulu error code 2 (-998) on PC and Xbox Online to be able to continue enjoying what we like the most.

Fix Hulu error code 2 (-998) on PC and Xbox One

When this error appears we find a message similar to this:

Error playing this video

Sorry, we encountered an error playing this video. Try restarting the video or select something else to watch.

Error code 2 (-998)

What causes this problem?

Among the possible causes of the Hulu error 2 (-998) we find the following:

  • In case the Hulu servers are not up at the moment, you can get this annoying error.
  • It may be due to an internet connection problem.
  • Having the application outdated or damaged for some reason, can cause the problem.
  • Corrupt cache.

Use basic troubleshooting methods

The first thing we recommend trying is the easiest thing to try to get rid of this problem. The error may be due to a temporary glitch. Therefore, we should try loading the video again and see if it disappeared.

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In case it doesn’t work, we should also try to close the application completely on our PC. For this, we recommend using the Task Manager and then we will start it again.

If we are using Hulu from a web browser, we will have to close the browser and reopen it to see if the problem goes away. Additionally, it is essential that we verify that our subscription plan has not expired in order to continue enjoying the content.

Check the status of Hulu servers

server status

Obviously, if Hulu’s servers are down, we will run into this problem. There may be a server outage or perhaps they are undergoing maintenance, so we recommend checking the servers to make sure they are available and rule out that the problem is ours.

To do so, we recommend using services like,,, etc. which will allow us to see the current status of the streaming service servers. In case these servers have some kind of problem, the only option left to us is to wait for them to fix it.

An unstable connection can lead to Hulu error 2 (-998)

In order to watch Hulu or any of the best streaming services, we need an internet connection that is stable and as fast as possible. The more quality we want in streaming, the higher the connection speed we need, not to mention its stability. So it would be essential to check that everything is fine with our connection.

Restart PC and router

Many users claim that restarting their PC and router fixed the problem for them. So we recommend trying the same to deal with this one.

  • We proceed to turn off the computer or Xbox One.
  • Once turned off, we disconnect them from the outlet.
  • Next, we will turn off the router and other network devices and unplug them.
  • Now we are going to leave the devices unplugged for 5 minutes.
  • After this, we are going to connect the power cable of your network devices one at a time, we will let them charge fully.
  • Then, we will have to connect our computer and turn it on.
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Finally, we will check if the error 2 (-998) still keeps appearing.

Update the Hulu app

An application that is not updated can always cause countless problems. So we will proceed to verify that we do not have any update available.

In Windows, we can do this from the Microsoft Store, we go to Start and go to Library. Now we will click on Get updates to search for those that are available.

If updates are available, they will be installed automatically. Once it is done, let’s start it and check if the problem persists.

Clear DNS cache help fix Hulu error 2 (-998)

Clear DNS cache.

An outdated or corrupted DNS cache can cause this problem and many others. So it would be advisable to empty the cache in Windows. Luckily, achieving it is something too simple and fast.

  • We start by pressing Start or the Windows key and type “CMD” to open the command prompt as administrator.
  • Next, we are going to type “ipconfig /flushdns” without the quotes and press Enter to execute the command.

When we see the message Cleared the DNS resolver cache successfully, we will have to restart the computer and reopen Hulu to see if the problem persists.

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