• Many users report running into memory error 19-1367 in Modern Warfare 2
  • This bug prevents them from continuing with their games, regardless of whether it is on PC or Xbox
  • What are the recurring causes of this problem and what steps can be taken to fix them?

The different installments of Call of Duty have managed to win over the public over the years, so it is common for us to find questions related to certain problems that these titles frequently suffer. As an example of this, Being one of the most common failures in this game, it is important that you know how to fix memory error 19-1367 in Modern Warfare 2 and what causes that cause it on PC and Xbox.

In general, this error message appears when gamers are enjoying a game of Modern Warfare 2, so it is not one of those errors that we get used to, that do not let you launch video games or anything similar. On the contrary, both on PC and on Xbox what this inconvenience does is hinder the current game.

The causes behind this issue can be various, from outdated graphics drivers to some faulty or faulty Windows OS update.and without ruling out others.

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Possible solutions to memory error 19-1367 in Modern Warfare 2

Then, some of the possible solutions to memory error 19-1367 in Modern Warfare 2.

Try some generic fixes

Before moving on to the advanced solutions, we recommend you to try some rather generic fixes. Restart the game, close any apps running in the background, and perform OS updates.

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Check that your drivers are up to date

There are few things worse for gaming than outdated graphics drivers that need to be updated. There are many ways to update them, the most direct from Windows Update, Advanced Options.

Alternatively, another way out would be to uninstall the drivers for Windows to reinstall them.

Scan and repair game files

When we talk about problems with different titles, we must never discard damaged files. Normally it is the very use of those files that causes the game to break when trying to run it.

That being said, scanning the files and repairing them if necessary is something you have to do.

  • Open the Battle.net Launcher and go to the Games tab
  • Inside the library, select Modern Warfare 2
  • Tap the gear icon available next to the Play button
  • Click on the Scan and Repair feature and wait for the process to complete

Once it finishes, Windows will tell you if it has found any bad files and will repair them on its own.

Disable crossplay

Specifically on Xbox consoles, from Xbox One to the current Xbox Series S and Series X, it may be that having crossplay enabled is causing your Modern Warfare 2 matches to be interrupted. Obviously the only way to find out is to disable crossplay on those machines.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller and click on the Profile & system and Settings section
  • In the menu, select Online safety and family and then Privacy and online safety
  • Go to Xbox Privacy, See details and personalize and Communications and multiplayer
  • Regarding joining the game between networks, choose the option Block this function

Close Modern Warfare 2 and reopen it to see if the issue is fixed for good.

Launch your antivirus… or disable it

If none of the above solutions worked, the error may be caused by a virus or malware on your system. Runs a virus scan, removing potential threats and checking if the bug has been fixed.

On the other hand, if you are running the analysis simultaneously with running the game, that may explain the error. Many times it happens that running an antivirus interrupts basic tasks to launch a video game. When you want to have fun have funand when you want to pass the antivirus, leave the entertainment aside.

Other frequently asked questions

How to fix high memory usage in games?

Sometimes all the issues might be triggered by high memory usage in games. As long as you think it is something abnormal, the explanation could be some internal virus or malware, stored in the games to cause damage, so do some scan from time to time.

Have you been able to fix the memory error 19-1367 in Modern Warfare 2 with these tricks?

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