Many users of Fortnite they can’t play the game because when they try they meet the “A problem occurred” error How can we solve it? The drawback is that there are different variants of this error and they mean different things. We will find messages like:

  • Restart your client.
  • You were eliminated from the match due to internet delay. Your IP or machine, use of VPN or to cheat. We recommend not using VPN or proxy services while trying to play Fortnite.
  • The connection to the server failed.
  • Unknown bug.

We may come across several similar error messages, although the vast majority of them are actually a variant of the ones mentioned above. In this article we are going to see everything we will have to do to solve it. There are several things that we can apply and they do not have a specific order.

Fix error A problem occurred in Fortnite on PC

Restart Fortnite and Epic Store

End process.

Regardless of the error message we receive, one of the first things to try is to restart the game and the store. But the best would be to do it directly from the task manager. Press the Windows + X key combination and choose Task Manager. From the Processes tab we are going to look for Fortnite and Epic Store, we right click it and we choose End task.

Check Epic Games server status

Check server status.

Another thing we need to do before moving on to solutions that are more complex is simply reviewing the status of the Epic Games servers. On some occasions they may be under maintenance or inactive due to a problem. If this is the case, then we will not be able to do anything and we will simply have to wait. We can check this from

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Check our internet connection

Obviously, the internet connection is necessary to be able to play without any kind of problems. We can even maintain an internet connection even if we have stability problems or low bandwidth. Whatever the case, we must check our speed and for this there are several free services that do not even require us to download something to our computer.

Check that Easy Anti-Cheat is running

It is very important that Easy Anti-Cheat is running when we are playing. This utility is installed on our computer while Fortnite is being installed and it is essential to prevent cheaters from using programs to win more easily. The problem is that sometimes it gets corrupted, the reasons can be varied.

Although we can repair the program, for this we are going to go to the folder where we have Fortnite installed and we will have to look for the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file, we will right click on it and run it as administrator. We’ll follow the instructions on the screen and with any luck, we’ll forget about the error.

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