We are trying activate windows and suddenly we meet him mistake of activation 0x80041014we run to the internet in search of the way to sort out this inconvenience and luckily, we arrived at Islabit, which has the quick and easy solution we are looking for. Isn’t it perfect? A little further down we leave you several methods to make this error a thing of the past.

Fix or work around Windows activation error 0x80041014

Verify our internet connection

Check internet connection.

The first thing we will have to do every time we have problems related to Windows activation, is to check the internet connection. When we are going to activate the operating system with a digital license, we have to have a stable internet connection, in case we have ping or internet loss problems, then we will experience this error. In order to verify if we have ping loss problems, we will follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run window.
  • We will write: ping -t in the window.
  • Now we are going to press Enter.

If we get a consistent positive result with a timeout that is valid, then we shouldn’t have any kind of problem with our connection. Otherwise, if we get any error messages like Request Timed Out or Destination Host Unreachable, then obviously the problem is our connection.

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Use the same Microsoft account to solve activation error 0x80041014

In case we have a digital license in our Microsoft account, it is highly recommended to use the same email account. Otherwise, our system will not have the license and will show the Windows activation error message 0x80041014. However, this solution may not work if you significantly change your computer’s hardware. In that case, we would first have to remove the license from the current computer and then use it on the new PC.

Verify that the license key is correct

You are probably thinking that it is nonsense. How can I be wrong about this? However, we are talking about a 25-character key with a combination of digits and letters, so there is a chance that it might be wrong. So we will have to verify that the key we are using is the correct one.

Windows Troubleshooter

When we have to deal with problems like Windows activation, the troubleshooter is our best friend. The built-in troubleshooter allows us to fix various issues related to operating system activation. So testing if it’s able to help us in this case wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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