• If you’ve just uploaded a video, or you’re watching someone else’s content, and you can’t hear it, you may be affected by the well-known error in the audio renderer of this platform
  • This inconvenience is more common than we would like, and that is why we should review its potential causes, trying different tricks until we recover the “normal” sound.

If you are thinking of being an influencer, or having a certain preponderance in social networks, you probably know that YouTube is a fundamental platform to make yourself known. It has grown a lot in recent times, so you should worry about uploading things in it too. Of course, from time to time, you may run into some obstacles typical of this platform such as the classic YouTube audio renderer error.

And we say classic because it is an inconvenience that has been there for a long time, and although it is not frequent, it usually hinders the processes of uploading or enjoying material to the most famous video portal, and it may be affecting you. Indeed, the YouTube audio renderer it fails both in your own videos and in others, and then we are going to teach you how to solve it, to evaluate your creations or enjoy those of others.

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What is causing the error in the YouTube audio renderer?

Although it is true that this problem should usually be resolved by reconnecting the headset or clearing your browser cache, in some circumstances it could be a more serious issueand be related to hardware, device drivers, or other software conflicts on your system.

Unfortunately, this issue has been reported to occur in most web browsers on Windows. We could say that there is none that is saved from it, so you should not choose your browser to avoid the error.

youtube audio renderer error 2

Solutions to the audio renderer error on YouTube

Restart your PC

As always, the first thing we are going to try in these cases is Restart your computerwith the idea that all those background processes that may be corrupted on the computer are killed when it is turned on again.

While you wait for it to restart, disconnect and reconnect your speakers or headphones.

Clear your browser’s cache

Then you have to take care of clear your browser cache, be it Chrome, Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Look for tutorials that allow you to get rid of all the data stored in each of them, depending on which one you use.

Again, the point of this procedure is to remove all those corrupted elements that damage the experience.

Run the Audio Troubleshooter

If you keep getting the error messages we referred to earlier, it may be time for you to run the Audio Troubleshooter made available by Microsoft.

  • Click Start and go to Settings
  • Within it, scroll to System
  • Click on Troubleshoot, and Other troubleshooters
  • Next, run the Audio Playback Troubleshooter and wait for your results
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In the event that this method does detect damage, it will inform you so that you can follow the corresponding steps, so it all depends on what appears on the screen once the analysis has finished.

Disable and re-enable sound devices

Although you may find it a bit hard to believe at first, disabling and then re-enabling the default audio playback device on your PC can fix YouTube audio renderer error.

  • Right-click on Start and select Device Manager
  • When Device Manager opens, expand Audio Inputs and Outputs
  • Right-click on the audio device, select Disable device and confirm
  • Once you have disabled it, you will see a small warning icon
  • Click on it, and re-Enable the device

Update device drivers

Updating audio device drivers never hurts, especially if you haven’t done it for a long time. Also, updating your sound card or audio playback device driver is very easy.

  • Right-click on Start and select Device Manager
  • When Device Manager opens, expand Audio Inputs and Outputs
  • Right click on the audio device, select Update driver and wait
  • Windows will automatically take care of checking for updates, and if there are, it will let you know about it

Eventually, if you think that’s the problem and Windows doesn’t help, you can download and install them yourself.

Disable hardware acceleration

Many of the modern browsers use the hardware acceleration feature to improve performance. This usually gives us better navigation sensations, but sometimes it also plays against us.

In Chrome

Go to Settings, Advanced, System and disable Use hardware acceleration.

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It edge

Go to Settings, System, Performance, and disable Use hardware acceleration.

In firefox

Go to Options, General, Performance, and disable Use hardware acceleration.


Using the above steps should definitively fix youtube audio renderer bug. By making that bug stop bothering you, you will be able to enjoy many of your favorite videos on the platform.

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