It is not at all strange that every so often we need to free up storage space on our Android phone. In the next tutorial, we are going to see the two best methods to achieve this without having to delete or modify anything else on your device.

Using the free space tool on an Android phone

Android has a built-in tool that is used to free up space and that helps us maintain a usable amount of storage on our device.

For this we will have to go to Configuration of our device and then we will go to the “Storage” section. Here we are going to see the information about the space that is in use and the list of file categories. We will click on the “Free space” button.

Use the Google application.

This will send us to the Google Files app, to the “Clean” function that offers several suggestions on how to free up space by eliminating junk files, duplicates, screenshots, unnecessary backups, too heavy photos, unused apps, etc. .

How to free up space on Android phone

We can find other useful tools in the “Storage” section. For example, we can see how much each of the applications occupies.

In storage, we will press “Applications” and we will be able to see a complete list of all the applications, also the amount of space that each one of these occupies.

We will press on the name of the app. We will be able to see the size of the application and the amount of available storage it uses is in terms of user data and amount of space in cache memory. We can decide through two buttons “Clear storage” or “Clear cache”.

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We must bear in mind that clearing the cache is completely safe. However, deleting data from storage can mean a loss of data from said app, so we must have everything backed up elsewhere.

Configure backups.

Finally, we find a “hidden” switch that is for a function called “Smart storage” that allows our device to automatically delete backup copies of photos after 60 days. It also takes care of deleting backup copies of photos and videos if the storage has less than 25% left. We can activate or deactivate it through the Google Files app.

For this we open the Files app and click on the three lines that are in the upper left corner. We select “Settings” and then we will have to look for the “Smart storage” settings and activate it.

Store photos online

Photos and videos take up too much space on the mobile phone. The best of leaving all the photos uploaded in Google Photos or Google Drive and in this way we can also keep them safe in the cloud.

Store photos online to free up storage space on Android phone.

We open the photos app and press our profile photo in the upper right corner. If we are doing a backup, we should see a “Full backups” option in the drop-down menu.

If we are not doing it, we will select Photo Settings> Backup and Synchronization.

We will have to make sure that the option “Backups and synchronization” at the top of the page is activated. Also verify that “Backup Account” appears. If we have more than one account we can change to the one we want to use.

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