• Google Stadia stops operating in the middle of next January, in a surprising move
  • The company of the most famous search engine ends up with a product that was only active for three years
  • How is the process of returning the money used in the Stadia Store, as explained by the company?

A few hours ago, Google confirmed through a Press release the unexpected end of the Stadia service. Even when we had no indication of it, it is a fact that the platform will stop being active in January. As expected after the announcement of the final closure of the online video games of La Gran G, many users are figuring out how to get a refund from Stadia for their purchases. we teach you.

informed the gamers about Stadia lowering the blinds on January 18, the first thing Google indicated is that would make the corresponding refunds to those players who had purchased in the Stadia Store. It is important to note that this includes both software and hardware, but always through the Stadia Store.

Even from the Mountain View firm they made a section available to their clients on their website, where they will answer questions that arise, as they themselves pointed out, but it is still incomplete. Precisely this has caused some desperation among those who want their money with them when before.

Everything you need to know about refunds in Stadia

If you wanted to get a refund from Stadia as soon as possible, you are sure that you will receive it. The question then becomes “when?” or “how?”, and that is where we want to help you with this article.

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The first thing is that, for your peace of mind, Google has blocked the purchase of new Stadia internals. Disabled this possibility, no one else will be able to spend money with your account on the platform, something unlikely but it is always better to be cautiousand be aware of passwords, access credentials, etc.

With that clarified, let’s see in what specific cases Google plans to return the money you spent on Stadia. As we mentioned, basically it is about games and transactions, but also some hardware. Summing up: drivers, Founders Editions, premieres, content for Google TV and more.

get stadia 2 refund
From Google they made available to their clients a section where they will answer the questions

Google has stated that it will be by the middle of next year when all refunds are completed, but they also warn that the vast majority of them should be resolved long before of that moment.

Finally, the only exception to these refund policies are payments made by Pro subscribers. Any Stadia Pro service subscriber will continue to have access to the games at no additional charge, but you will not get your money back even when you have paid for a membership that exceeds Stadia activity.

How to recover the money spent or invested in Stadia?

In principle, there is nothing you need to do because this refund process will be completely automatic.

According to Frequently Asked Questions section from Google that we mentioned, most users will have their purchase refunded using their original payment method. If you have hardware, you don’t even need to return it to Google to get your money back. If any additional steps are needed, they will contact you.

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Of course, although everything seems rosy, they also warn that the process could differ slightly by virtue of where we are and the payment method that was used at the time of purchase. all circumstances that will be analyzed by the Google teams so that the refunds are produced little by little.

For now, it seems that the most important thing is regularly check your email inbox. Take a look at the Junk folder and the SPAM folder, as you could receive the information in them. In this way you will be aware of the latest developments and it is unlikely that your refund will be delayed.

Finally, those responsible for Stadia recommend that we approach the physical locations of Google or stores such as Best Buy, since returns they are not managed in person in any case.

That last one is not something minor, because it’s unclear what will happen to hardware purchased through BestBuy and other physical or online retailers. It is one of the questions that we expect Google to answer very soon.

Were you able to get your Stadia refund yet? What other questions do you have about it?

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