Get different fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is a great way to generate good income. The problem is that the fruit of our island (pear, peach, orange, apple or cherry) is not enough to create a good number of bells.

Therefore, what we have to do is get foreign fruits. There are several ways to do it and in this simple guide we will help you get them all. Although another way to get money is to catch fish, although we believe that the fruit option is the best.

The best ways to get different fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get different fruits with a Nook Miles ticket in Animal Crossing

It is possible to obtain a Nook Miles ticket or ticket in exchange for 2,000 Nook Miles at the Resident Services Building. We can take this ticket to the island airport, here it will take us to a random island. It is possible to collect several things on this island, among which we could find a fruit that is not on our island.

After this, we can take everything we get to our island, in the case of fruits we can plant them. Obviously we have the option to sell it immediately, the best option is to grow it and sell the bearings. In the long run, it’s more money.

On a friend’s island

Visiting a friend’s island does not give us access to their properties, but we can search for some types of fruit here. If we don’t find something on our island, we can ask a friend to add us to the friends list.

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When we are in the list of best friends, we can interact with your environment and not just be a simple spectator, it is a good way to take some valuable things home.

Receive an email with a gift

Visiting your best friend’s island isn’t the only benefit actually. Once we do, we unlock the ability to mail them and vice versa. Our friend can send us a card from his airport and add a gift, such as fruit.

online communities

If we want to search for fruits quickly, there are some online communities where players share their Dodo codes, allowing players whose portals are open to explore and get different items.

Obviously, we are not going to come and take everyone, we must have their consent and leave a tip for using the island. We can find these communities on Reddit, Discord, etc.

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