Virtually all materials in Animal Crossing New Horizons are important, that’s why we must see how to get hardwood to be able to manufacture different furniture and tools within the game.

One of the things we need the most is hardwood, we even need to get clay at various points in the game. Luckily, it is relatively easy to achieve it and this guide will show you how to achieve it step by step.

Get hardwood in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How the materials work

We are going to need a wide variety of materials to be able to build different tools and furniture, each one with a necessary recipe to achieve it. For example, if we want to build a small library, we will need three copies of Book furniture and five pieces of wood.

Obviously, larger items are going to need a larger amount of materials.

Craft a hardwood ax in Animal Crossing

As soon as we start the game, we will have a recipe to create a flimsy axe, which is made with five tree branches and stone. Luckily, these items are too easy to get.

To get tree branches we will have to shake trees, while we will get stones by hitting the rocks on our island several times with a shovel. After achieving the necessary elements we can go to create our ax to look for wood.

get hardwood

With the exception of bamboo plants, all the trees in Animal Crossing can give us hardwood. We’re going to have a better chance of getting a lot of hardwood when hitting cedar or oak trees. Although we can also get it from palm trees and other fruit trees.

Basically, we will have to equip ourselves with a flimsy ax that we make, as soon as we start the game, we stand in front of a tree and press the A button repeatedly to hit it with this tool.

It’s best to use a flimsy ax when looking for wood because a normal ax would chop everything down in a few hits, leaving us with no trees to get more of. So, if we want to get hard wood, the best option is the flimsy axe.

Once the wood is already available, we will press the Y button on the Nintendo Switch controller to pick it up.

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