One of the most striking things about this title is the possibility of creating things and obtaining materials to continue advancing in the game. But for this, we will also need get more DIY recipes in Animal Crossing and a little further down, we explain how to achieve it.

The game has many fun things that we will have to get to advance more and more. From catching fish to sell, getting genuine art to decorate, and many more things that definitely make this game too addictive.

Get more DIY recipes in Anime Crossing New Horizons

pop balloons

Balloons on our island can appear every 4 minutes. Depending on the day, they may float to the right or left of the island. These balloons are tasked with transporting items like bells, furniture, and (random) materials with DIY recipes floating on them.

How can we get them? We’re going to need a slingshot to take them down. Although we must consider that what we get from the balloons is random. But we have nothing to lose by trying.

watch out for the bottles

The bottles that we see all over the island can be a reference resource to get more DIY recipes. They will appear twice a day on the beach, but we can also see them on Kapp’n and Nook Miles islands. In case we want to speed things up a bit, you could take a boat tour with Kappn. In each tour we will have a DIY recipe assured.

Look for Blathers sister to get DIY recipes

Blathers, the museum owl, has a sister named Celeste who will be very helpful to us and appears on our island at night. If we find it, we will be able to find many DIY recipes, we will even find a magic wand, astrology and several other things.

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Talking to the villagers

It is one of the best methods that we can apply to earn more DIY recipes. The villagers who are on our island often cook or make items in their homes throughout the day. If you find them while they’re doing it, you’ll receive a DIY recipe for the activity they do after talking to them.

Visiting a mysterious island

In case of having Nook Miles, we can go to Dodo Airlines and buy a Nook Miles ticket. In this way we are going to be taken to a mysterious island, where we should see a villager wandering or we can even collect bottles. Anything we take on the mystery island stays with us and we can take it to our island.

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