After you finish browsing privately, it’s pretty easy exit incognito mode both in Chrome, like in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. In this article we are going to see in detail how we can do it on both computers and mobile devices.

What we must bear in mind is that once we leave incognito mode, the browser will begin to record our browsing history. Although it can be deleted, if we want it not to be registered, we will have to start incognito mode again.

Exit Incognito Mode in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on Desktop

Obviously, from the desktop, whether it is Linux, Windows or Mac, it is extremely simple because all we are going to have to do is simply press on the “X” that is in the upper right corner of that window.

Close or exit incognito mode on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

In this way the window is closed and all the tabs it contains, if we try to open the incognito mode again none of the tabs that we had open will be saved, remember that the browsing history is not saved, so we can quickly close the window to avoid that anyone can violate our privacy.

Something else we can do if it seems faster is simply press “Alt + F4”, in this way we automatically close the entire window with its tabs, it is a keyboard shortcut that is used to close anything in Windows.

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How to close an incognito window in Chrome, Firefox and Edge from a mobile device

In this case, it is very similar in all three browsers and in both Android and iOS. The options may vary a bit in each browser in question, but the difference is minimal so we are going to explain it with Google Chrome.

Open tabs.

The first thing we will have to do is open the incognito tab. In the tab, in the upper right corner, we are going to press on the number in a box with rounded edges.


We will be able to see all the tabs in incognito. Here we can choose if we want to close one or we can click on the three points that are in the upper right corner.

This way you can get out of incognito mode

A new menu is displayed, here we press “Close tabs in incognito”.

In this way the incognito mode will be closed and no one will know where you were browsing. In all three browsers it works very similarly. So you have no loss, now you know how to close or exit incognito mode easily from Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and on iOS.

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