When we share the account with a family member or partner, we may sometimes want hide orders on amazon. Maybe we want to buy some gifts for Christmas or some special event; and more now that Black Friday is approaching, the last thing we are going to want is for the person we want to surprise to find out this way, right? We teach you how to avoid it.

And if we are thinking of buying some products to give away, an excellent idea to try to save a little is to see the price history of said product. In this way, we will know exactly when it is the best option to acquire it.

Hide or archive orders on Amazon

Step-by-step guide to hide orders on Amazon

The first thing we will have to do is log in to Amazon, we will click on Returns and orders, an option that is in the upper right corner of the screen.

View order details on Amazon.

Here we are going to see a list of all the things we have ordered during the last three months. We are going to have to scroll through the list until we find the order that we want to hide and we will click on View order details. In case we can’t find it, we can also use the search bar at the top right of the screen.

Archive request.

Once we find the item that we want to hide, we will have to click on Archive order.

Filing the order.

After this, we will click again on Archive order. Everything we have ordered at the same time will also be archived.

See all orders archived on Amazon.

Now when someone looks at the list of orders, it won’t show up. Although it is still accessible in the order file.

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From the page of Archived orders from Amazon, we can access this. If we want to find it from the same Aamazon website, we will have to go to Accounts and lists> Account. We are going to click on the Archived Orders button and that’s it.

Setting up Amazon Household

Archiving orders is a little-known section of the Amazon interface. We can’t deny that it works, but someone who is curious and knows how to use the platform can still find the order details easily. But if we have Amazon Prime, it is possible to find a better solution: Amazon Household.

How to use Amazon Household

What is Amazon Household? It allows us to share our Prime benefits and digital content with one other adult, including up to four teens and children. This means that both we and our partner can have their own Amazon accounts, order the secret gifts they want and have the same free delivery options, without having to pay for another Prime account. And no, it is not necessary to share accounts.

It also means that we can set up our own accounts for our children so that they can request things (with our approval). However, they will not be able to see our list of orders for Christmas, for example.

In order to configure Amazon Household, we will have to go to the official website and follow the instructions, it is quite simple.

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