Do you want to prevent your photos or videos from appearing in Windows 11 search results? If so, set your PC to exclude certain types of files from its searches. We show you how to do it.

How to Hide Certain File Types in Windows 11 Search Results

In Windows 11, you can select any type of file and block it from appearing in search results. For example, if you don’t want to see any PNG photos in search results, you can add that type of file to the exclusion list on your PC.

To specify the file types to hide, open the menu “Beginning“From your PC and search for”Indexing options“. Then click on that option in the search results.

In the window “Indexing options“That opens, click the”Advanced“.

In the window “Advanced Options“, Click on the” tabFile types“.

In the tab “File types“, All the file formats that Windows currently displays in your search results appear. To exclude a file type from the index, deselect that type from the list.

Then at the top, click on the tab “Index Settings“.

Tip: If your file format is not listed, click “Add new extension to list“At the bottom, type your file extension and click”Add”To add it to the list.

In the tab “Index Settings“, next to “Delete and rebuild the index“, Click on”Rebuild“. This creates a new search index which, when finished, will have removed the selected file type.

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In the notice that appears, click on “To accept”To continue rebuilding the index.

You are now in the window “Indexing options“. Here at the top you will see the current state of the index construction. The time it takes to rebuild the index depends on the number of files on your PC. If you have many files, the process may take several minutes.

When the index is rebuilt, the excluded file types will no longer appear in the search results. Enjoy it.

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