One of the very useful features that Microsoft Edge has is the ability to create multiple user accounts. In this simple way, each account will have its personal settings, bookmarks, extensions, etc. However, sometimes a user profile can get corrupted, the easiest thing to do is to create a new one. But what do we do with all the websites we bookmark? It is very simple, for this we are going to to import markers of one bill to another in edge.

Before importing all your bookmarks, we recommend doing some sort of cleanup by removing duplicate bookmarks in Microsoft Edge. It is ideal for keeping everything more organized and being able to access the content that we like the most in an agile and simple way.

Import bookmarks from one account to another in Microsoft Edge

The easiest and fastest method to copy bookmarks from one profile to another is by using the import data function. The first thing we will have to do is export the bookmarks of our existing user profile in HTML format. For this we will do the following:

Export bookmarks or favorites in Microsoft Edge

  • We started Microsoft Edge.
  • We click on Settings and more.
  • Now we choose Favorites.
  • Let’s Manage Favorites.
  • In this section we are going to click on More actions.
  • We will choose the option that says Export favorites.
  • We will have to choose the location where we want to save the HTML file.
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Import a user’s bookmarks to another account

Step by step guide to import bookmarks from one Edge account to another.
  • We start Microsoft Edge and we will change the recently created profile.
  • We open Settings from the top right and choose the Profile option on the left.
  • Now, on the right side, we scroll down and look for the Import browser data option.
  • We will click on Choose what to import.
  • We’ll need to choose the favorites or bookmarks HTML file from the Import from dropdown menu.
  • Next, we click on Choose file.
  • We will select the HTML file on our computer and click on Open.

After following these simple steps, all bookmarks or favorites will appear on our new profile. We recommend turning on the bookmarks bar in Microsoft Edge so you have access to them at all times.

However, as you can see, it is something that we can achieve very easily in a matter of a few minutes. Likewise, if you still have any questions, you can leave them in the comment box that you will find a little below and we will be happy to help you solve it.

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