This post shows students and new users the steps to install and use the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11. Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is a feature that allows Windows 11 devices to run Android applications that are available from Amazon App Store.

As of now, the Windows Subsystem for Android is currently only available for Windows Insiders at Beta Channel in the U.S. If it is in another location, it may not yet be possible to install and use it in Windows 11.

You may be able to install WSA in any location once you get out of the Preview and Beta stages. There are also some requirements that must be met before it can be installed on a Windows 11 PC.

Next, we will list the requirements and steps to install WSA on Windows 11.

How to use the Windows subsystem for Android in Windows 11

As mentioned above, WSA allows Windows 11 devices to run Android applications that are available from Amazon App Store.

However, before you can install WSA on Windows 11, these requirements must be met:

  • Your PC must be on Windows 11 and meet these hardware requirements.
  • You may need to enable virtualization for your PC’s BIOS / UEFI. Click here for a guide on how to enable this on your PC.
  • Make sure you are running Microsoft Store version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher.
  • Your PC’s region must be set to USA.
  • Your PC must be on the Beta Channel. If you’re new to the Windows Insider program, click here to get started registering and joining your PC to the Beta Channel.
  • You will also need to have a US-based Amazon account to use the Amazon Appstore.
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Once all the above requirements are met, proceed below to install WSA on Windows 11.

How to install Enable Virtual Machine Platform in Windows 11

You must enable enable the Virtual machine platform optional feature in Windows 11. To enable, press the Window key + R to open the To run application box. Then type the commands below in the box and hit Get into to open.

Windows 11 runs the application and features of the comamand box

When the Windows optional features panel opens, select Virtual machine platform from the list and click okay Install on pc.

enable virtual machine platform in Windows 11

How to install Amazon Appstore on Windows 11

Now that the Virtual Machine Platform is installed and ready to use, click the link below to install the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11. As mentioned above, at this time, only the Android applications that are available on the Amazon Appstore are available for be installed in Windows 11.

Click the link below to open the Microsoft Store, then install the Amazon Appstore.

Install Amazon Appstore

Once the Microsoft Store opens with the Amazon Appstore applications, click the Install on pc to install the application.

install amazon app store on windows 11

Once the Amazon Appstore is installed, go to Home button ==> All apps and select Amazon Appstore from the list of applications.

windows 11 all applications

Select Amazon Appstore as shown below.

Amazon Appstore select from list

Once the Amazon Appstore application opens, log in with your Amazon account. If you don’t have an account yet, create a new one and then sign with it.

login to amazon account

After successfully logging in, you should see the Amazon Appstore dashboard. Select the application you want to install in Windows 11.

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amazon app store dashboard

Whatever Android app you install, it should be added to the list of all Windows apps similar to any other app.

You should do that!


In this tutorial we have seen how to install the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, use the comment form below.

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