• Twitter will notify you when you have a new follower, but not when someone unfollows you
  • There are two procedures to see who has stopped following you, both equally effective
  • What are the steps to follow in each case and what to do to stop the bleeding?

Although it is something that happens constantly on Twitter, it is still true that losing followers feels very bad. Finding out who is abandoning us is key to changing our strategy and trying to attract as many audiences as possible. So, If you usually use this social network, you probably have wondered how you can find out who unfollows you on Twitter. In this article we show you how to discover it in two different ways.


Of course, This makes sense especially if you notice that you are losing followers faster than normal.. Remember that, from time to time, Twitter cleans up users and deletes accounts that are not being used. But if it is not about it, it is better that you analyze what are the factors why so many people stop following you.

Before going into the details, if you are not very familiar with the network that belongs to Elon Musk a few months ago, you should consider that you will receive a notification when someone starts following you but not when they stop. This is for a matter of privacy, so as not to reveal when a user is no longer interested in another.

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Step by step to find out who unfollows you on Twitter

manual check

Manual checking will be insufficient in most cases, but on occasion it might be useful. Basically, if you have few followers and you know most of them, just check your Followers list.

  • Open Twitter in the app or on the web, and log in with your access credentials
  • Go to Profile and enter the list of followers by clicking on that option
  • Scroll through the list and find the accounts

As we said, this will probably be inefficient if you have 100 followers or more. If you have less, try it.

With the Circleboom admin tool

If the previous data is not enough for you and you need more information, it is best to resort to third-party tools. We’re going to focus on Circleboom, though there are several others you might consider in these circumstances.

Circleboom is more than a follower tracker, as it makes it easy to detect inactive accounts and clean Followers and Followers to make your Twitter presence stronger, away from bots and abandoned profiles.

  • open the official Web by circleboom
  • Tap Get Started in the top right corner
  • From the dropdown menu, select Twitter Admin Tool
  • Enter your Twitter email address and password
  • Immediately, Circleboom will show you statistics
  • Move the cursor to the left side of the screen and enter “The Circle”
  • Click on the option “No following back”
who lets follow Twitter following back

At that point, Circleboom will show you who are the users you follow but they don’t follow you.

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Advantages of the Premium version

Premium users will see a full list of everyone they follow, but don’t follow back. Clarified this, if you do not have a Premium membership you will only see a list of 20 people in that situation.

The good news is that you can filter the results and, thanks to this, reach the user that interests you. In addition, you can exclude verified accounts or incorporate other filter criteria to favor the search.

That is, although you will not have a notification indicating that someone unfollowed you, if you followed each other with that person and now you follow them but they do not, you can be sure that they stopped following you at some point.

who lets follow Twitter visit

In fact, from there you can unfollow him if you want to “take revenge” for his attitude of leaving you.

Of course, since Twitter does not allow massive follow-up or “follow-up” campaigns, you will not be able to carry them out from Circleboom either. You will have to take the trouble to unfollow those users one by oneslowly.


If you are losing more followers than you would like, you should ask yourself why this is happening. Generally the answer is that you have little activity, or that your opinions are very controversial..

However, these conclusions will only be valid when the same signs are repeated over time. There is also a matter of randomness that makes it possible to gain or lose followers for no reason. Finally, you could ask someone who unfollows you for what reason. Maybe I can help.

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Have you lost followers on Twitter recently? Why do you think it happened? Do you have any plans?

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