Whenever we move away from the computer it would be a good idea to block the Pc with Windows 11 and there are several methods to achieve it. This is a positive thing because in this way we can protect our privacy and that of our data.

Even in other situations, imagine that we are working on something important and we have children at home. We move away from the computer a bit to go and make coffee for us and one of these children comes and starts to play the keys, let’s pretend that you stopped rendering a video or with Photoshop or GIMP, even Word and a job that took you several hours. The child begins to play the keyboard (obviously, it is curious) and our work of hours, ends up ruined. Obviously, it doesn’t sound nice at all, does it?

We can configure so that the computer locks when we move away, that it does it automatically when it has been inactive for a certain time, manually lock it with keyboard shortcuts and several other options.

What does it mean to lock a Windows 11 PC

When we talk about locking a PC, it is basically leaving it on the login screen, the session will remain active in the background. This means that we can resume what we were previously doing without problems when we log in again. All applications will be open at the same time we log out.

When we log out, then yes, we directly close everything. Nothing is left in the background. Therefore, what we are working on is closed, any application or website that we are visiting will be closed to free up system resources.

Lock the PC using keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts.

The quickest and easiest way to lock down a Windows 11 PC is with a keyboard shortcut. We can do this at any time, we simply press Windows + L and Windows will crash and switch to the login screen immediately.

From the start menu

Windows 11 PC crash from start menu.

Another option is to do it from the start menu. For this we are going to have to press “Start” and then we are going to click on the account name that we can see in the lower left corner. The option “Block” will appear and this way it will be blocked.

Lock with Ctrl + Alt + Del

To block.

When we press Ctrl + Alt + Del, we usually do it to enter the “Task Manager” but we also have the option to lock the computer. It is a good way to do it, because if someone enters our room without authorization, we can prevent them from seeing what we are working on quickly.

Using dynamic lock to automatically lock

Windows 11 PC Dynamic Lock

Thanks to the “Dynamic Lock” or “Dynamic lock“We can lock the computer when we move away from it. How? What we will have to do is link our mobile phone to the computer as a Bluetooth device.

Once we have it linked, we go to Settings (press Windows + i) and go to Accounts> Login options. Here we scroll down until we find “Dynamic Lock” and check the box next to “Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you are away.”

After this we will close configuration and when the mobile phone moves away from the computer, Windows will automatically block it.

Automatic blocking due to inactivity

Automatic Windows 11 crash.

This is ideal for when we live in an environment where we are constantly moving away from the computer for a long time. We can configure it to lock after a period of inactivity, the PC will lock automatically. For this we are going to go to “Start” and write “Screen Saver”. Once we are in this new window, we are going to activate or deactivate the screen saver and configure the minutes, as shown in the image.

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