One thing we can’t do in this game is jump, and worst of all, there are many areas that we can’t get to just for this reason. However, there is a way to reach such high areas or cliffs. For this we will need make or acquire a ladder in Animal Crossing; There is a way to get it and we will show it to you a little further down.

We love Animal Crossing: New Horizons and enjoying it on our little Nintendo Switch is really amazing. For this reason, we have taught you so many things about this game that keeps us hooked on the screen, from simple things like buying turnips, to getting a pearl (a very valuable object) we even teach you how to get fruits.

We can do so many things in this game, it seems like it never ends. But one of the things that we are going to need the most is a ladder. Thanks to this, we can reach places that were not impossible before.

How to make or get a ladder in Animal Crossing

Actually, the progress of our island comes down to one thing: what are we willing to do when Tom Nook assigns us tasks. Something similar could be said about getting a straight in this game. We should be able to get one on the fourth day on the island, so we’ll see what we need to do next.

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Bring a new villager to live on the island

Do you have a lot of Nook Miles that you accumulate all the time? This is where we are finally going to put it to proper use. We will need it to purchase a Nook Miles ticket at the Resident Services building. The cost is 2,000 Nook Miles per ticket and we will be able to access Dodo Airlines, which will take us to a random island.

The island in question is called a mystery island. It is possible to extract all the resources of the island to take them to ours, although we can do something else. On some occasions we will find castaways who are willing to live on our island. After talking to them we can tell them to come with us.

Get bridge building kit

In order to bring a new resident to our island, something that is totally essential is to build a bridge. Tom Nook will offer us a bridge construction kit. It is a fairly simple bridge that works thanks to 4 stakes of logs, 4 lumps of stone and that’s it. This is necessary because it will serve as the entrance to the island and anyone can do it.

Preparing the space for new residents and getting the ladder in Animal Crossing

Tom Nook wants these new residents’ homes to be fully furnished. Therefore, he will ask us to take care of this, which includes the decorations. This will make Tom Nook think we need a ladder and he’ll give us the recipe.

The recipe in question includes: 4 hardwoods, 4 hardwoods, 4 softwoods. So, we will have to look for the materials in question and we will go to the Island Workbench, now will be the time when we can make a ladder in Animal Crossing.

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