Today we are going to see how to do more space on the bar from chores from Windows 11. While the new version of Microsoft’s operating system brings many interesting news; We can’t deny that your taskbar has too many icons that can get annoying. So let’s see how we can remove them all.

How to hide the search icon and various built-in items from the taskbar

In principle, the search icon does not take up too much space on the taskbar. However, it does not make much sense to have it because we can search from the start menu.

Taskbar settings.

For this we will have to right click on the task bar and select “Settings”.

Disable icons.

Next, we are going to head to Personalization> Taskbar. Here we will be able to disable the “Search” icons along with “Task View”, “Widgets” and “Chat” through the switches.

How to unpin apps

If we have many programs or applications anchored in the task bar; another option for save space is to remove some that we do not use too much.

Unpin icons to gain more space on the taskbar.

For this we will have to right click on the program in the taskbar and then select the option “Unpin from the taskbar”. In this way it will disappear from this section, obviously we can add it again whenever we want.

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Hide taskbar corner icons

Right corner icons.

Just to the right, near the clock, we will find several additional system icons such as the menu, touch keyboard, virtual touchpad, etc. We can easily hide them.

In this way we gain more space on the taskbar.

For this we are going to right click on the taskbar and choose “Taskbar Configuration”. Here we go to the section “Icons in the corner of the taskbar” and we are simply going to move the switch of all to deactivate them. In this way they will no longer appear, although if at some point we want to see them again, we will have to repeat the process and activate them.

Hide overflow icons in the corner

The icons in the notification area or system tray are now called corner overflow icons. They are service program icons that run in the background and are usually found in the inbox.

Overflow icons.

The only problem is that some programs put their icons on the taskbar instead of the system tray. Although we can position them again in the system tray in order to save a lot of space.

So we can have more space in the taskbar in Windows.

To move them to the system tray, we right-click on the taskbar and select “Taskbar settings.” Now we will have to click on “Taskbar corner overflow” to see all the options.

Basically, we are going to have to deactivate all the applications that we do not want to be seen.

How to hide the taskbar

In this case, if we want to have a little more additional space on the screen, we can also directly hide the taskbar.

Hide taskbar in Windows 11.

Again, from the Settings of the taskbar, we will have the possibility to hide it directly. When we hover the mouse cursor over the area where it always is, it will appear. When we move the cursor away, it will disappear.

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