The Wi-Fi calling they are an excellent way to make free calls, even when the reception of our device is not optimal. We are going to see everything we need to know to make a Wi-Fi call from iPhone and Android.

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Basically, they would be the same as traditional phone calls and text messages, instead of using the cellular network of our mobile phone provider; what we will do is use a Wi-Fi network and an application, for example: WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.

Advantages of Wi-Fi calling

This class of calls has a number of advantages over traditional calls. The first thing is that they are made in high definition (HD) which makes the audio quality clearer and sharper.

On the other hand, if we are connected to Wi-Fi, but we are in an area where mobile service is unstable, we can still make calls, without disconnections or other problems.

Even if our internet connection is not fast, we can still make calls. 1 Mbps is more than enough to be able to make a call without interruption.

Are Wi-Fi calls free?

As long as we are connected to a Wi-Fi network, calls are free, in part, it will depend on the provider, where we are and where we want to call. We would be spending absolutely nothing and enjoying all the benefits.

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Although, as we mentioned before, depending on the provider, it may include some other extra expense in unconventional situations. Here the important thing would be to consult the policies of our Movistar provider.

How to activate and use calls through the internet

The exact way to make Wi-Fi calls will depend on your device. We are going to see how to do this process both on iPhone and on any Android mobile.

on iPhone

iOS configuration.

We are going to go to the Settings application and then we will press on the “Cellular” / mobile option to be able to open the network menu. Here we will have to look for the “Wi-Fi calls” option.

Turn on Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone.

Now we are going to have to move the Wi-Fi calling switch to activate it, the idea is that it is green, which means that it will be activated.

We accept.

Next, we are going to see a pop-up window that will give us more information about all the data that is sent to our mobile operator when the option is enabled. If we agree with this, we will press “Enable”.

We will see a new window where it asks us to confirm our address; this is useful, for example, if we call 911 with Wi-Fi, the emergency services will know our location.

In order to finish configuring Wi-Fi calls, we will have to follow the simple instructions that will appear on the screen.

from Android

We will open the calls application of our device and press the three points that are in the upper right corner. Next, let’s select Settings.

So we can make Wi-Fi calls from Android.

In this new menu that appears, we will have to click on Wi-Fi Calling and then we will activate the switch next to this option so that it is activated.

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We will be asked to confirm that we want to activate the function and we will have to enter our address. This is useful so that the emergency services know our location and can act quickly in the event of an emergency.

After this, the calls will be enabled and we will be able to enjoy all the advantages that it offers us.

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