Optimizing time and being more productive when it comes to organizing meetings is essential. Luckily it’s doable manage Google Meet invitations from Google Calendar. This way we can see who invited, RSVP status, meeting notes, if we have made them optional, etc.

Another option is to open a Google chat from Meet, in this way we can remind those people who have not yet shown up that we are in a meeting or verify if they will really come. It is a complete integration of the best Google applications to organize ourselves optimally.

A little further down we will see all the options we have and how we can carry them out.

Manage Google Meet invitations from Google Calendar

Meeting details.

Instead of just seeing who joined Google Meet, we can also see who else you invited and various other details. Us we direct to Google Meet, we will choose the participant icon on the right side.

See guests and who is gathered.

We open up the sidebar on the right hand side that shows who’s on the call, they’ll be at the top and guests at the bottom.

Optional Google Met and Calendar invitations.

In case we made a wizard optional, we’ll see it below the name.

See who accepted.

Another thing we’ll see is the RSVP status on the icon. So let’s quickly find out who accepted, who can join, and who declined.

Manage Meet Calendar invitations

In case the person had written a note with their confirmation of attendance, we will also be able to view it under their name.

Open Google Chat.

For those Gmail users that we have invited, we will be able to select the chat icon next to their name. This will open Google Chat directly to chat with that person.

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It’s a great way to remind them of the meeting or to see if they still have plans to join it.

Therefore, if we plan to have a Google Calendar meeting where many people will attend, the ability to manage Google Meet invitations from Google Calendar is extremely convenient. The integration between both applications is magnificent and becomes essential for business.

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