ISO files are a type of archive file. For a long time, Microsoft’s operating system did not offer any kind of native application for this format, forcing us to use third-party applications. Fortunately, since Windows 8 the situation has changed and now it is quite simple mount an ISO image in Windows 11the latest OS version.

Mount an ISO image in Windows 11

Originally, ISO files were intended to be exact replicas of optical discs, like a DVD. They are still used for that purpose today. Therefore, when we mount an ISO file, our computer will show it as if it were a CV, DVD or BluRay.

There are a few ways to mount an ISO with the tools provided by Windows 11. None is better than the other, they are simply different ways of doing it, we must choose the one that is most comfortable for us.

Double click the ISO

Something to consider is that if we have a third-party application that handles ISO files, this method may not work.

Double click.

We open the folder where we have the ISO and we double click on the file. That would be it, it should already be mounted as an image.

Contextual menu

Contextual menu.

Another option is simply to right-click the ISO file and then choose, among all these options, the one that says “Mount” and that’s it.

From File Explorer

Mount an ISO file.

In the toolbar at the top of the File Explorer we will see several options to manipulate ISO files once we select one. Among those options we are going to see Mount and Record.

If the File Explorer window is too small, we are simply going to click on the three ellipses at the top right of the window and we will see the Mount option.

How to unmount an ISO file

Unmount ISO file on Windows.

This is something extremely simple. All we have to do is go to Windows File Explorer and then go to This PC or My Computer from the left sidebar. We will right click on the drive where the ISO file is mounted and choose Eject.

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