All the images we see on our mobile devices are made up of pixels. These are small elements that come together to create the beautiful images that we can see on our phones. An interesting option is pixelate a image in iphone and Android What does this achieve? It converts the blocks of pixels it is made up of into much larger blocks, which manages to hide the background image.

But why can it be useful to pixelate an image on iPhone or Android? It’s actually a good idea for when we need to hide a person’s face, a specific object, or perhaps just want to hide the background of an image.

We may even find ourselves in a situation where we need to send a photo to someone, but part of it contains information that we do not want to share. So, in these cases we are simply going to pixelate that section and that’s it.

Pixelate an image on Android

As for applications that allow us to pixelate an image on Android, we can actually find a wide variety of them. In our specific case, we have decided to opt for Pixelator: Pixelate Blur Image, it is a simple application that meets everything we need.

Open image.

The first thing we will do is download Pixelator from the Play Store by following this link. Once downloaded and installed, we are going to proceed to execute it; We will have to choose a photograph that we want to pixelate (we recommend choosing a test one to test the app) so we are going to click on the Photos icon to select it from the photo gallery.


Next, we are going to select an area to pixelate, to achieve this we will have to click on the Rectangular tool that is at the bottom of the page.

Pixelate image on iPhone and Android

We are going to drag out the area we want to pixelate. We will be able to see the pixelation as we drag with the tool.


In the event that we selected the area incorrectly, all we will have to do is press the arrow backwards to fix it.

Circle button.

If we want to make a selection in a circular way, we will click on the circular button and drag in a similar way as we did before.

Blur options.

In case we want to have a larger or smaller pixelation, we are simply going to click on the button that looks like an arrow pointing down next to Blur size.

pixelation size.

Here a drop-down list with numbers will appear, we will have to choose the blur size we want.


Once we are satisfied with the results obtained. We are going to have to click on the icon with three points that is in the upper right corner.

This is how we managed to pixelate an image on Android

A message will appear where it gives us two options: undo everything or save; obviously, we will select the second one if we agree with the changes.

How to pixelate a photo on iPhone

photo ambul

There are many apps for photo editing on iOS. However, we decided to use the Censor: Blur & Pixelate Photos application which we can download and install from this link. We start by opening the application and clicking on Photo Album to choose the photograph that we are going to work on.


Once this photograph opens, we go to the menu bar at the bottom and press the Pixelar icon.


In order to pixelate a rectangular area, we will use the Rectangle tool.


Now we will simply drag the selection and we will be able to see a magnified image of the selection at the top left of the screen.

So we can pixelate an image on iPhone

If we let go of the screen, the image will immediately be pixelated.


Another option that we have is to draw by hand the area that we want to pixelate, for this we will choose the Drawing Selection tool.

Undo pixelate image.

We draw over the area that we want to pixelate and that’s it. In case of making a mistake, we will press the Back option at the top to undo the changes made.


In case we want to change the size of the brush that we use to create the pixelated areas, we will click on the Settings icon at the top.


Here we have the possibility to adjust the size of the brush, we can also change the pixelation size to make the blocks bigger or smaller.

Share image on iPhone.

Once we are sure that this is how we want the image to look, we will have to click on the Share icon in the upper right corner.

We save the image that we have managed to pixelate image on iPhone

A small window will appear and click on Save Image. In this way, the image will be saved in the gallery of the mobile phone.

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