Anyone can play a video in iphonealthough the situation is complicated when we want to reproduce it in loop. However, it is not as complicated as one would expect and in this article we are going to see a detailed guide where we will explain it both from native iOS applications and from third parties.


Play a video in loop on iPhone

To be able to play a video in a loop on iPhone we can use the Apple Photos application or use third-party apps. Of course, we have to clarify the fact that the Apple application is a bit limited in terms of options.

Play videos on iOS with Live Photos

In iOS we can find a native app called “Live Photos”, which is found in the Photos app. This app will help us create quite simple videos in a loop. To repeat a video using this app, we will have to have our Live Photo ready.

So we are going to see how to take the best photos with our iPhone live using the Camera app of a lifetime.

The first thing will obviously be to start the Camera on our phone.

Guide to play a video in a loop on iPhone

We will look for the element to which we want to take the photograph that will be a video and we focus on it.

Focus element to record.

We will choose if we want to record using the front or rear camera with the two curved arrows that are in the lower right part of the screen.

Live Photo.

We press the Live Photos button, which is located at the top of the screen and is shaped like concentric rings.

Record a video.

Now we will have to hold down the Record button to capture the scene. To achieve a better impact, we will have to make sure that there is at least one element in motion.

So we can record a loop video on iPhone with Live Photo.

What we have done is capture an image and also a video. So now we’re going to head over to Library in the bottom left corner of the Photos app.

We press on Live.

We select the Live Photo that we want to play in a loop.


Now click on the drop-down menu at the top left and choose Loop.

Share video.

Click on the Share button on the left of the screen to save the video or share it through the applications that are available.

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Create looping videos with Looper

Looper is an application that allows us to play videos in a loop from our iPhone, which we can find in the Apple application store by following this link.

Open Looper.

Once we have downloaded the application, we will start it and click on the plus button in the lower left corner.

Camera Roll.

Next, a pop-up window will appear where we will have different folders available from our device. Here we will click on the “Camera Roll” option to redirect us to our videos and images.


We will choose the video that we are going to play in a loop. At the bottom we will press Choose to open the video from the application.

Export video.

Now, if we look at the bottom right, we will see two red arrows where we are going to click. This will open a widget that has settings for looping video, if we drag the white circle to the far right, we can play the video constantly. Click on the check mark at the end of the red line, so the changes are applied. Then we are going to click on the Download icon to save it on our device.

At this point, we select the ideal horizontal mode for the video, this will depend on whether we have recorded the video vertically or horizontally.

The process may take a while, but when it’s done we’ll be able to watch the video from the Photos app.

The best thing about Looper is that it allows you to loop videos with included audio for free. Although we recognize that it has a negative side and that is that in the camera roll, the videos are ordered from oldest to newest. This means that the newest videos will be found at the end, something that can be annoying if we have too many.

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How to do it with iMovie Video Editor

We also have the option of iMovie which is a powerful video editor to play videos in a loop on iOS.

We downloaded the app following this linkOnce downloaded and installed, we proceed to open it.

New project.

The first thing we will see is a welcome screen with some information about the app. So we’re going to hit Continue and then we’re going to start a new project.


This will send us to the gallery where we will choose Video.

Play a video in loop on iPhone

We will choose the video that we are going to edit and click on Create movie to continue.


Next, we would have to see the video in the timeline, we will press it and choose Duplicate.

Something that we must consider is that the duration of the video will increase, which means that the process was carried out satisfactorily. We can Duplicate as many times as we want to get the number of loops we want.

Process video in loop.

Now comes the time to save the video to the device. For this we are going to press “Done” in the upper left corner.


Click on the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen.

Save video.

Here we would have to see all the options that we have available to share the video. Although if we only want to save it on our device, we will press Save video.

Exporting video.

We are going to have to wait a bit until the video finishes exporting, this can take time so be patient.

In order to see the resulting video, we will have to go to the Photos application. We recognize that iMovie isn’t exactly a feature-rich app. However, it fulfills its mission in a simple way.

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Using Boomerang

another of the free apps that we are going to meet in the App Store to do what we want is Boomerang.

Grant permissions to the camera.

We start the application and on the welcome screen we will press “Start” and then “OK” when it requests access to the camera.

Access to all photos and video.

We go ahead and set all the permissions as we did above.

Record a video.

Now we are going to have to record the video that we want to play in a loop.

Choose front or rear camera.

We can choose if we want to use the front or rear camera.

Video recording.

We focus the camera to start recording.

Save video in loop on iPhone

When we are ready we will press “Save” in the upper right part of the screen to save the video in the device’s gallery.

Save file.

We also have the option of sharing the video through social networks or messaging applications.

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