it’s possible Play games from virtual reality on Pc thanks to Oculus Quest 2. Although it works independently, we can also connect it to our computer to enjoy a complete virtual reality experience. Let’s see how we should do this!

What are we going to need?

  • Obviously the first thing is to have the Oculus Quest.
  • In turn we need a computer that has the capacity to use this technology.
  • A USB 2.0 cable, although it would be better to have a 3.0 cable that has a USB-C connector for cable connection.
  • It is also necessary to have a 5 Ghz 802.11ac / WiFi5 router or better connected to our computer via Ethernet cable.
  • The Oculus Quest software for Windows.
  • Some virtual reality game.

We must bear in mind that the USB cable should be long enough to be able to adapt to the type of virtual reality experience we want to live. If we only want to remain seated, we will not need a cable that is too long. However, if we want to stop and enjoy other experiences, a longer cable would be ideal and necessary.

How to use Oculus Quest 2 on PC to play virtual reality games

The first time we use Oculus Quest 2 on our computer, it will be necessary to configure it. The first thing we will do is download the Oculus Software for Windows and install it. The download is approximately 5 GB so depending on the connection it may take a little longer or a little less.

During the installation we will be asked to log in; Quest 2 users need to have a linked Facebook account. After logging into Oculus, we are going to have to start the setup.

Add devices.

We are going to go to “Devices” in the left sidebar “. Then we will click on “Add Headset” or “Add device”.

Oculus Quest 2.

Next, we will have to choose the model that we have available. In our case it will be Quest 2.

Connection method.

Now we will have to choose the connection method. We honestly recommend you do it for “Link (Cable) ” because despite the fact that the same cable can be somewhat annoying, we cannot deny that it is more reliable and stable than a wireless connection; Also, here we want to have a smooth experience so it is much better.

Test completed.

What we will do now is connect the cables from Quest 2 to the computer. If we are using a USB 3 cable we must make sure to connect it to a USB 3 port on our computer.

After this, we will be given the opportunity to test said cable. Our recommendation is that we do this to make sure we have a good connection to have a great experience. If we use a USB 2 cable, we will receive a warning. We can play with a USB 2, but obviously the image will be more compressed and the performance will not be as good.

Full setup for playing virtual reality games on PC with Oculus Quest 2.

After this we will arrive at the “Complete Configuration” screen, we close it, we put on Oculus Quest 2 and it is time to start playing.

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