By default, when print a document from Google Docsdoes not do it with comments. However, there is a solution to be able to print our comments in a document and it is quite simple.

The solution is basically to download the Google Docs document as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file. This file has its comments and when we print it from Word, these comments are also printed.

In case we don’t have Microsoft Word on our device, we can also use OpenOffice or LibreOffice, which are free; we recommend OpenOffice.

Print Google Docs document with comments

Print a Google Docs document with comments

For this example, we are going to use the Google Docs document that we will see in this article. As we can see, the document has two comments that are shown to the right of it.

To start the process, we will have to open a web browser on our computer with Linux, Mac, Windows or Chromebook and enter the Google Docs website. On the site, we will have to choose the document that we want to print.

Download as a Microsoft Word document.

When the Google Docs editing screen opens, we will have to click on File> Download> Microsoft Word in the menu bar. This will download the document as a Word file.

If we are using OpenOffice Write, we will have to go to File > Download > OpenDocument Format in the Google Docs menu bar.

Save Docs file in Word format.

In the “Save As” window, we will select a folder to be able to save the document and then we will have to click on “Save” at the bottom as we would do with any file.

Open Google Docs document with Word.

Next, we will have to open the folder where we have saved the document.

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We will right click on it and select Open with > Word. In case we use OpenOffice Write, we will select this program instead of the Microsoft suite.

File in Word.

Once the document is opened in Word, we are going to go to the upper left corner and click on “File”.

So we can print a Google Docs document with comments

In the left sidebar, we will have to select “Print”. As an alternative, in either of the two programs we can press Ctrl+P to save this step.

Then on the right, we will configure the available printing options and click on “Print” to be able to print the Google Docs document with comments.

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