• A stuck or frozen iPad, an unsuccessful software update, or a dark screen are some of the situations in which iPad recovery mode will have to be resorted to.
  • The method to reach that instance of the system differs depending on whether the iPad model has its home button or not, so depending on your tablet you will have to find the one that suits it.

If in general Apple products stand out for their stability, even over time, that does not mean that we can openly do without several important tutorials to get them out of their problems and inconveniences. For example, Reliable as these tablets tend to be, from time to time they can fail. You will learn, in the following article, how to put your iPad in recovery mode in seconds..

The interesting thing about the case is that, like most current technological equipment, the Californian firm provides its tablets with a recovery mode that is specifically designed to get them out of the most common errors. By running this mode, we are almost certain that it will work again just as it was supposed to.

The idea is that if the iPad has become unusable for some reason or reason that is not clear to us, it does not remain that way. The iPadOS system itself will take care of finding out what the problem is and solving it to bring it back to life.

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But how does iPad recovery mode work?

iPad Recovery Mode is an advanced troubleshooting interface for Apple tablets. As we can see, it is a tool that we can trust if we detect any defect or anomaly altering our iPad, something that should not be happening and may be due to erratic software.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that if we want to reinstall the operating system, we will necessarily have to put the iPad in recovery mode and connect it to a PC.

Why put iPad in recovery mode?

In general, you have to put the iPad in recovery mode in some very specific circumstances:

  • iPad gets stuck installing iPadOS
  • iPad seems frozen when installing updates
  • A software update did not go as planned
  • The screen displays only solid colors such as black, blue, or white
  • iPad won’t unlock
  • iPad does not charge

Namely, the range of possible solutions that the iPad opens up to us is really relevant For the day to day.

Put iPad in recovery mode

With the start button

  • Make sure the iTunes app on your Windows PC or Mac is updated to the latest version
  • Connect iPad with any of the above devices using the charging cable
  • Press and hold the Home button and the Power or Side button at the same time
  • The screen will go completely black, but don’t release the buttons and wait for the Apple logo
  • After a few moments, the restore screen should appear, at which point you can drop them
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You are already in the recovery mode of any iPad with a home buttonAnd it only takes a moment.

Without the Home button

  • Connect iPad with a computer through the iTunes or Finder app, as appropriate
  • Quickly press the Volume Up button and release it. It is the closest to the ignition or side
  • Quickly press and release the volume down button. It is the farthest from the ignition or lateral
  • Press and hold the Power or Side button until the restore screen appears

You are already in the recovery mode of any iPad without a home button. It also takes no more than a moment.

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