In many cases it may be convenient to know how to record audio in windows 10 and 11. Perhaps to record an interview, a podcast that we want to listen to later, even a song. Regardless of the reason, recording audio is an easy thing to do in Windows.

There are several third-party applications that we can use. However, Windows also has the Voice Recorder application pre-installed, which will save us the step of searching for an app on the Internet.

We can use the app to record ourselves, something that we listen to from the PC, the best thing is that it does not require us to download anything. It is a simple application that has some basic functions to be able to edit. For example, we can trim and export the tracks.

How to record audio in Windows 10

Record sound in Windows 10
  • We’re going to have to open Voice Recorder. It should appear among the search results when we press the Windows key or click Start by typing the name of the app. In case it does not appear, we can download it from the Microsoft Store for free.
  • Once the application is open, we will press the microphone button to start recording. When you start the recording, this button will change to Stop, which will be used to stop the recording when we finish.
  • The recording automatically appears on the left side of the screen. We can right click on it to change the name of it and identify it better or even to share the file.

Record sound from Windows 11

Record in Windows 11.

In the case of Windows 11 we find the sound recorder app which is a bit more complex. It has different very interesting features, including the ability to change the microphones from the home screen or change the playback speed.

  • We start by pressing the Windows key on our keyboard or clicking Start.
  • Now we are going to write Sound Recorder or Sound Recorder; in case it does not appear, we will have to download it from the Microsoft Store, it is free.
  • Click on the big red button or press Control + R to start recording. The record button will become the pause button when we start.
  • The pause button will take care of pausing the recording; we can press it again to resume it.
  • If we want to stop the recording completely, we will have to click on Stop, which has the shape of a large black square.

Once we’re done, the recording appears on the left of the screen. If we right click we can change the name or share the file.

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