We cannot deny that videos with background music are really great and their popularity is growing on the main social networks. Obviously we can record a video and edit it using a video editing program to add the music later. However, that process takes too long and we also have the option to Record while i know play music from bottom on Android. We are going to explain in detail how we can get it a little further down.

Record while playing music on Android

By default, when we are playing music and want to record a video, the music stops. However, this is something that we can solve in an extremely simple way by installing a third-party application.

Together for Android.

The first thing we will do is enter the Play Store and download the application Together. Next, we are going to have to start the music application and play the song we want.

Press camera icon.

Now we will have to go to the Together application and click on the video camera icon at the bottom to record. You will notice that the music continues to play.

Record videos with background music through Instagram

We can also do it while recording videos through Instagram. For this, first we are going to play any song from the music app.

Record video on Instagram.

We start Instagram on our device and slide our finger from left to right to open the camera.

Record on Instagram while playing Android music

We must press and hold the white round button in the lower center of the screen to start a recording. When we want to stop the recording, we will simply have to press this button.

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In order to save the video, press the arrow that is pointing down, it is located approximately in the upper central part of the screen. In addition, we must bear in mind that Instagram allows you to record short videos of between 3 to 60 seconds.

The Together application also allows us to continue playing music on Spotify our Android phone while we record a video and it is done in the same way that we explained previously. We just play the songs from Spotify and then we open the camera and start recording.

Basically thanks to the Together app, we can record videos while music is playing on any Android device that is compatible and as you can see, it is too easy.

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