• It is not very likely that your Steam account will be hacked, but you cannot rule it out 100% either.
  • There are plenty of cases of players whose profiles were hacked, some with serious consequences
  • What steps should you take if you think or are sure your account has been hacked?

One of the greatest fears that those who dedicate a good part of their day to video games have is that, from one moment to the next, someone will take away all the progress they have made. Although this is unlikely to happen, in these days when attacks by cybercriminals are becoming more frequent, it is better to be cautious. Made this introduction, in today’s article We show you what are the steps to be able to recover a hacked Steam account as soon as possible and not lose the achievements reached in it.

The first thing we want to make clear to you is that if you think or are sure that your account has been hacked, you should not panic. It’s about taking care of yourself rather than worrying, and you just have to know how to act. After all, Steam is not immune to external attacks, especially if your profile is quite interesting. There are numerous cases of people whose accounts have been hacked, and you should know how to respond. As long as you don’t, you could see how they remove games or steal important personal information from you.

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My Steam account has been hacked, what should I do?

Run an antivirus

Immediately you notice that something is wrong, you have to try to reduce the potential damage by running an antivirus. It can be a third-party antivirus or Microsoft Defender itself, since there is not much difference in it. Really, the most important thing is that you run software dedicated to system defense.

If they have tried to sneak some harmful file inside your PC, this simple trick should let you find out soon. You could also be helping your device do not suffer further attacks in the futureso don’t forget it.

Change your passwords

We know that changing passwords is one of those procedures that nobody likes and we always postpone. But faced with these circumstances, you have no other way out than to take care of modifying at least the essential ones. Think that Cybercriminals may already know some of your passwords, such as your Steam password.

In the Settings section of your Steam account you can change it, asking them to send you an email to confirm your identity, entering it and then changing it to a new password.

steam account hacked 2

Our recommendation in this regard is that your password has more than the eight essential characters. We can advise you about twelve, to add complexity, and better if you combine all possible elements, such as uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, to make it even stronger.

Contact Steam Support

In the event of an attack, We could not rule out that the external agent has blocked access to your account. Whenever that happens, you should contact Steam Support via this link.

steam account hacked 4

When you enter you will see that there is a button that says «Help, I can’t login«, and that it is precisely designed for these cases, in which someone cannot access your account. Among the problems that are listed can be read: «My Steam account was stolen and I need help getting it back«. There, press «reset my password«.

steam account hacked 5

Then you have to write your email address, account name or phone number. Found the profile you can recover it. Otherwise, you must send a form with the details of the situation. Steam will take one to two days to respond to your request, at which point you will get your account back.

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Other frequently asked questions

What to do if items were stolen from the account?

If you’re unlucky, hackers will have breached your Steam account and taken your purchases, including games and in-game items like skins and weapons. But is there a way to get these items back?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. From Steam Support they explain that they do not restore lost items because possession of such items changes hands several times until the initial owner makes a claim. It is impossible to restore items without duplicating or unfairly deleting them from someone else’s account.

How to prevent these attacks?

If you have not had to deal with these attacks so far, that does not mean that you are exempt for the future. Preventing them is simple if you take into account some of the issues that we are going to mention now.

First, never use the same password in Steam as in your bank or portal accounts where personal data can be seen. If you do that, you can have the firm conviction that losing your progress in the game will be just an anecdote compared to other more serious damages, such as having all the money you saved stolen.

On the other hand, pay attention to the password, making sure it is secure, avoiding “guessable” associations. In fact, to the extent that you can do so, enabling two-factor authentication or 2FA will help a lot.

Finally, and although it seems almost a silly suggestion, avoid sharing relevant information online. All things considered, you will at least reduce the impact of a hacked Steam account. It’s not little.

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