Possibly for you, as for most Spaniards, your first email account was hotmail. It became the most powerful email server in our country, mainly thanks to the push of chat services like Messenger. However, most of us also end up abandoning these accounts for various reasons.

The main reason for abandoning these accounts was precisely that they were the first for many and most of us were inexperienced in this type of service. Therefore, we do not worry about issues such as security, privacy, spam or subscriptions to all the newsletters and services that may be needed. Another very common reason is precisely that we used them for services that we stopped using, highlighting Messenger. Other email servers arrived with other services and we migrated to them without looking back.

The problem comes when years later we need to access our account for any question. For example, because it is the email account that we had as a recovery account for the subsequent ones that we opened, or for any other issue. After years of disuse, we do not exactly remember the password or the address itself, or we cannot find the place to access it, because Hotmail as such no longer exists. If this is your situation, below we explain simple steps to enter Hotmail with ease.

Hotmail is now Outlook

The first thing you should know is that Hotmail no longer exists as such, as we have already named. Hotmail is now called Outlook and you can easily access your own email account through the outlook website or its desktop application. Despite the name change, Outlook keeps all your data and your email address ending in @ hotmail.com and your password remain the same.

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In addition, all these steps can be carried out with any device, both with a computer and with your mobile or your tablet. Now let’s talk about the most common assumptions to recover your hotmail account.

Enter Hotmail without password

Entering your hotmail without a password is quite simple. Of course, your account must have a phone number or other associated email account. If this is your case, perform the following steps.

Go to Outlook and choose the option to sign in. Then, enter your hotmail address and click on “next”. Now select “Forgot your password?”. Then click on “Get code”. Outlook will send a security code to your number or associated email address. Enter it and reset your password. At the end, you will get a confirmation that the password change has been made.

Enter Hotmail without email address

In this case, the steps are very similar to access without a password. Just vary the first step. After selecting “Login”, click on “login options”. You can then enter the associated phone number or email account so that Outlook can send you the security code. After obtaining it, enter it. The rest of the steps are the same as when entering without a password.

Other ways to access your hotmail account

There are also ways to access your hotmail account without entering your username or email address or your password. It is about associating your hotmail account to another platform.

One of the available options is GitHub. To do so, drop down “login options” in Outlook and simply select “Login with GitHub.” Another option is to do it with a security key that you have on a USB. This option is available in the same place as GitHub when you log in.

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