• Losing files from an SD card is one of the most exasperating things that can happen to us
  • Before going completely crazy, try some of these solutions that we bring you closer to
  • If none works, you can run a specific recovery program, which is responsible for tracking the deleted content, so that you can see and recover them if they are what you want.

While we hope you never have to go through that situation, the truth is that knowing how to recover deleted photos from the SD card can get you out of more than one trouble. After all, we often use these accessories to store important files, including photos, that we want to keep with us forever. Therefore, if you have suffered a loss of photos, read on to find out what are the steps to follow in these cases.

Of course, the best thing in these cases is to take care of preventing possible inconveniences through mechanisms such as backup copies, which sometimes we have active on the computer without even being aware of it.

So, let’s address some of the solutions why you should do when your SD card items have been deleted by mistake or you want to recover them, what to do if you don’t have a backup, at which point you should resort to a program to recover deleted files.

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Tricks to recover files from an SD card

When it comes to recovering deleted photos from SD card, or any other type of files, there are some basic tricks that you should consider. If none of these work, there are still other options, but focus on them first.

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From the recent delete folder

When you delete items from an SD card, they are usually stored in a space called “Recent deletion” on this device, from where you can select and restore them if you wish.

Restoring from Trash on Mac or Windows

On Mac or Windows computers, as long as you have deleted the photos by dragging them to the Trash, you can find them. You have to go to the Trash, scroll down until you see the deleted photos, select the ones you want to recover, and once you have them all, click on “Remove from Trash” to restore them.

Restoring from a backup

If the deleted files are rather recent, you probably don’t have any backups made. However, if they are old photos, you may have come to cover your back in this way.

Look for backups on your external hard drives, in your cloud storage accounts, etc.

Recover deleted photos from SD card with specific software

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If none of the recover deleted photos from SD It has been useful to you, the only alternative you have left is try to recover deleted photos from SD card with specific software for it.

There are many, but we will name you iBeesoft’s Windows data recovery software, which from our experience is one of the best. It will allow you to scan your PC and SD for those files, quickly recovering those that have been deleted by mistake or without thinking.

1º Select the types of files to recover

When you start this program, by default all kinds of files will be analyzed, although you can save a little time in the review if you select only some of them. You just have to check the ones that interest you.

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When you have marked them all, click the Start button to start scanning for deleted content.

2nd Select the location to scan

If you are sure of the location of the deleted file, such as the SD card in this case, it may be a good idea to select the location to scan, again limiting the process so it doesn’t get too cumbersome.

3º Recover lost files

Once the content analysis is complete, the upper part of the window will show you the results of the scan, with all the file names, which you can preview, to confirm that they are the ones you are looking for.

If this is indeed the case, you just have to give it OK to start recovering them on your computer.

On occasion, if the Quick Scan is not enough, you should perform a Deep Scan, which takes a little longer, but ensures you see more information about those elements, and thus be able to discern if they are the ones you want.

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As is clear, we have the possibility to recover deleted photos from the SD card even when we believe that there is no longer a chance to do so. You have to be cautious, act fast and / or find an efficient application.

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