• The process to remap a keyboard on Mac takes a few minutes and can make things easier for you.
  • You don’t have to be confused between MacOS and Windows keyboards with these solutions
  • How does each one work and what virtues do these specific functions have?

Let’s say you’re a MacOS user and you just bought or received a fancy new keyboard… from Windows. On the first attempt to use this accessory on your laptop or desktop computer, you may have problems. Just thinking about those inconveniences, and If you want to further customize your typing experience, knowing how to remap a keyboard on Mac is key to feeling completely comfortable. in computers.

Of course, the same applies to those who have become accustomed to a specific keyboard design and are now refusing to have to adapt to another, being able to make the changes they deem necessary, managing to enjoy an experience similar to the one they already had when dedicating it. just a few minutes to modifications.

Before continuing, the first thing you have to consider is that the differences between a Mac and a Windows PC lie especially, as far as keyboards are concerned, in the keys on the bottom row, where we can see that they differ.

Windows computers have Ctrl, Win and Alt, while on Mac we find Control, Option and Command. Since Windows uses the Ctrl key for most of the shortcuts that Mac uses the Command key for, you will probably run into you will have to copy and paste with the little finger in one and the index finger in another. You probably don’t want to live with such a nuisance, and in that case this article will be of great help to you.

Remapping a keyboard on Mac

If you have a fancy mechanical keyboard, it might come with built-in software to let you remap keys at the hardware level, or with a switch to switch from Windows to MacOS.

However, if you don’t have that option at hand, the alternative you have left is to use a software-type tool. Within MacOS we have several programs that can be interesting and in the following lines we analyze them.

On macOS Ventura or Monterey

MacOS allows you to remap certain modifier keys in a somewhat limited but also very effective way.

remap Mac keyboard 2

As long as you just want to place the modifier keys where your fingers expect them to be, you can do it right in MacOS Ventura and Monterey.without more apps and following a series of very simple steps.

On macOS Ventura

  • Open System Settings, scroll to Keyboard and select Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Press the modifier keys at the bottom of the left menu panel
  • Select your keyboard from the dropdown menu

On macOS Monterey

  • Open System Settings, scroll down to Keyboard, and find the modifier keys button
  • Select your keyboard from the dropdown menu and swap the Control, Option, and Command keys

As you can see, remapping a keyboard on Mac is pretty easy if you run one of these operating systems.

With Karabiner Elements

The other way out in these situations is to resort to free software called Karabiner Elements.

Karabiner Elements is ideal for more complex changes or remapping other keys, because it can code almost any key to key, giving you much greater versatility, which you will surely appreciate.

In general terms, Karabiner can do much more than simply swap key positions of keys. You can change the functions of the function keys, assign hotkeys to launch specific programs or send multiple keycodes with a single key, so it’s really worth it.

In our tests, we found that the best way to play complex mods using Karabiner is through download some of the combinations that other users have submitted prior to service.

Assuming you have the necessary knowledge, you can also send your combinations in JSON. Unfortunately, training is required and even the web GUI developed for it is not suitable for beginners.

If you are going to adopt this program, you have to check that you are not making changes on two keyboards at the same time. Many times, in a hurry, we apply the same changes on two or more keyboards, and we make a mistake. As a result, we have the same problems as before, or even more, to execute the correct actions.

However, you don’t have to go that far because Karabiner Elements is enough for the basics.

Have you been able to remap a keyboard on Mac with these tricks and this application that we have taught you?

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