A Google account is essential to access a large number of features and services available on any Android device. We have already talked on other occasions about whether it was possible to use an Android phone without an account from the internet giant. However, if we want to remove a Google account from a MIUI device and give up the benefits we get, it is possible.

Remove or remove a Google account from a MIUI device

In reality, it is not at all complicated and we can achieve it in a simple way. The only thing we will have to do is enter the configuration of the device or from the Gmail application itself.

From device settings

Phone settings.

We look for the Settings icon in the application drawer.

Users and accounts.

We scroll down until we find the Users and accounts option. When we click on it, we will see a list of accounts connected to our device.

Choose Google account.

We will choose the Google account that we want to delete.

Remove Google account from a device with MIUI

Click Delete account to confirm. A pop-up window appears asking us to confirm, this occurs to prevent us from accidentally deleting the account.

This will not only remove the account from the device, it will also remove all data related to it.

From the Gmail app

If for some reason we cannot use the previous method, we can still achieve the same, but from the Gmail application.

Gmail Options.

With the application open, we press the icon with three horizontal lines that is located in the upper left corner of the screen.


A new menu is displayed where we will find an option called Configuration, which we are going to press.

Account options menu.

This will take us to a list of accounts linked to our device. What we will do is click on the three points that are in the upper right corner.

Manage accounts.

Among the two options that appear, we will select the one that says Manage accounts.


We click on Google.

Choose the Google account that we are going to remove from the MIUI device.

We choose the account that we are going to remove from the device.

Account Options.

Next, click on the two-point icon in the upper right corner.

Remove Google account from a phone with MIUI

Click on Delete account.

So we can remove Google account from a device with MIUI

We will see a confirmation message. Here we have to choose Delete account to be able to confirm the action.

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Perform a hard factory reset to remove accounts

We can also factory reset a mobile phone to remove all Android accounts we have on the device. What we will have to consider is that performing a factory reset deletes all the data we have on the device, leaving it as new, as if we had just acquired it.

We always recommend making a backup before doing a factory reset of the phone.


To get started, we’re going to have to start by looking for Settings in the app drawer.

About of the phone.

Next, let’s find About Phone.

Backup and restore.

Here we press Backup and reset.

Clear all data.

We will choose the option that says Erase all data (factory reset). Before we continue, we may need to enter our PIN or password, for security reasons.

Factory reset device.

Now we are going to press Clear data at the bottom.

We will wait for the process to finish, the phone will reboot a few times and it may take a while to start the first time. Although this is normal and we should not worry about this.

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