It is not very correct to make free access to your computer, but if you are sure that outsiders will not use it, why not.

By default, customized Windows 10 offers users a lot of intrusive features that not everyone needs. You can also add a PIN to this list. The operating system will regularly prompt you to install it. Even during the installation, the “ten” will not miss the opportunity to make such a “tempting” offer. And if you agree, then every time you start your computer, you will have to enter a secret combination. This is not very convenient.

Although we are not supporters of password-protected operating systems, we nevertheless admit that for some users, it is more comfortable conditions of use. Therefore, we are going to tell you several ways how to disable the PIN-code on Windows 10.

Change the PIN through user accounts.

  • Press the Win + R key combination and enter the netplwiz command in the field that appearsConfirm the operation by pressing the Enter key.
  • A window will open in which you will see all the accounts available on the computer. Here you can also create new computer users or delete old ones. 

For each account, you can enable or disable the PIN code by using the item “require username and password” at the top of the window. Also, if you press the key combination CTRL + ALT + DEL, a menu will open in which you need to select the item “change password”. It is worth noting that you need to know the current password to set a new password. 


It is not necessary to completely get rid of the protection of the operating system. You can, for example, delete the password for guest accounts, and leave it for an administrator who has an increased access level. 

Access via Registry Editor

Press the Win + R key combination and enter the Regedit command.

Press Ctrl+F to find- Winlogon

On the left side of the window, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon. Here you need to create a string parameter named DefaultPassword and write the password as a value.


The DefaultDomainName parameter must match the name of the local computer. And for the AutoAdminLogon parameter, you need to set the value 1. After making all the changes, you need to restart the computer for everything to work.

How to change your Windows 10 PIN to a different sign-in method?

It is not necessary to log into the operating system using the classic multi-digit password. This is a deprecated method. Modern Windows 10 offers the user a variety of options, including facial recognition. To utilize this functionality, we need to open “My Computer” and go to “Options” at the top of the window. Then go to the Accounts section and finally to the Login Options menu.


There are 6 options for your taste: Windows Hello facial recognition, Windows Hello fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello PIN, security key, password, and picture password. You can choose any you like. Here you can also configure dynamic blocking, as a result of which the OS will block devices associated with Windows 10 when they go out of range. Now you know how to put not only a PIN on Windows 10, but also login in other ways.

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