• Are you one of the thousands of users who have endless lists of products purchased on Amazon? Are you ashamed of any and wish that no one else could see it in those listings?
  • Fortunately, Amazon introduced a feature like Archive at the time, which allows precisely those purchases to be “archived” so that no one sees them when accessing your customer profile.
  • Archiving and unarchive products is very easy, and you can always reverse the action if you want

Amazon is one of those portals, like Google, without which thinking about our current life would be really very difficult. After all, it would be difficult to imagine where you would buy so many products, or where you would get information when deciding on one or the other. Of course, we purchase so many items this way that our privacy may be compromised if someone sees our shopping list.

The news is, Although you probably didn’t know it, you can delete an Amazon order from your history so that no one is seeing what products you’ve boughtand have the freedom to equip yourself without prejudice.

Indeed, it is possible to get rid of those Amazon purchases that we do not want to appear in view of all, taking advantage of a specific function released by its developers, which is known as File.

Delete Amazon order history 2

Can I delete an Amazon.com order?

If we had to answer with absolute precision or accuracy, we should say that it is not possible to completely remove an Internet purchase made through Amazon from our account on this portal. We know, however, that this is not entirely true because, for our purposes, being able to archive some of the acquisitions is as useful as it would be to eliminate them, so our definitive answer is a “no, but…”.

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In other words, you will be able to hide all your Amazon purchases from the main order history, although this acquisition, far from disappearing, will remain archived in the system, linked to your profile, and can be viewed whenever someone accesses the archived Orders from the Amazon web version, but not in the mobile applications.

In other words, if someone knows how the archived orders method works, they will be able to see yours. We truly believe this is unlikely, and if anything, logging out of Amazon on your PC will prevent it. We make the clarification, however, to make it clear that there is no foolproof mechanism to delete purchases on Amazon and that if someone promises you that they have one, basically what they are doing is lying.

In any case, if it is essential for you that no one, absolutely no one, knows that you have bought this or that thing, then we are going to recommend that you close your Amazon account and register again on the platform. Surely Amazon will keep their records, and that could work against you in a lawsuit, but at least no one will know that you have bought just by going to the Archived Orders section. of your new profile.

As a tip, do not buy confidential items with your main Amazon account. Ask someone else for a favor.

Delete Amazon order history 3

How to hide Amazon orders from your website?

Just as no one will be able to access your Archived Orders from the official Amazon applications, available on both iPhone and iPad as well as Android; You cannot file orders in them either, but only on the web.

  • Open your trusted web browser, and enter the official Amazon page from this link
  • Make sure you’re logged into the account where you want to file your orders
  • In the top right corner, go to Returns & Orders
  • You will automatically see a list of all the orders you have made from that account, so you have to specifically search for the one you are interested in archiving and, when you find it, click on Archive order, an option that you will normally find in the lower left corner of the box of order information
  • Amazon will ask you to confirm that you want to archive the order, so do so
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And voila, now that order will appear archived along with all the others that you have configured in the same way. You can review them later in the Archived Orders section of your account, with a capacity of 500 in total.

When you want to see your Archived Orders, open Amazon in your browser, and go to Account & Lists at the top. Information will be displayed immediately, among which you will be able to see your archived Orders.

Were you able to remove an Amazon order from your account history with this step-by-step?

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