• The Edge Bar is a new search solution that brings together the Bing search engine with Microsoft Edge
  • When searching for words or phrases, we will be directed to the search engine or to the browser tabs
  • Some users prefer not to see the Edge Bar, and can turn it off in seconds

Many times Microsoft incorporates functions into Windows that do not serve us, or at least not as much as they would think. A good example of this is that of several of its self-developed programs, which can be somewhat invasive. In this article you will discover how to remove the Edge search bar from the desktop, a good option if you do not use this browser or do not want it to be bothering your PC every time you move on the home screen.

Indeed, Edge Bar is an experimental feature that those from Redmond have been testing in Windows 11, and although not all users have it available on their computers, many do have it and complain about its function. Although it shouldn’t bother most of you, there are those who prefer a cleaner interface, without useless elements.

What this search field basically does is bring Bing Search back to the desktop, showing us Microsoft, which is determined to position not only its Internet Explorer successor browser, but also the alternative search engine to Googlebeing another of its highly promoted products.

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What does Edge Bar offer us on a daily basis?

The average user will get, thanks to the Edge Bar, a sidebar that you can launch from Edge, sitting on the right side of the screen and displaying news and information in a similar way to widgets.

At first glance, many might confuse the Edge Bar with any Windows startup application, and the truth is that the bar can be moved on the desktop as we please, although the Edge icon shows that it is part of the Microsoft browser . The search field accepts words and phrases but also page addresses. If any of them were previously open in Edge, what it will do is send us to that window and tab.

Despite the fact that, as you can see, the Edge Bar has certain uses that you might consider interesting, there are those who prefer to eliminate it and, in any case, recover it if they regret it later. This is something perfectly possible.

How to disable the Edge Bar step by step?

As we have mentioned, always you can disable the Edge Bar in a few stepsso you don’t have to see it. Remember that they are the same steps that, in reverse, will allow you to recover it to give it a new opportunity.

  • Enable the menu icon seen on the right side of the Edge Bar interface to see its options
  • Select the Auto-start Edge bar entry to disable it by unchecking the checkbox
  • Once you have restarted your PC, the Edge Bar will no longer be visible on the desktop
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remove search edge 2
The option “Automatically open the Edge bar when the computer starts” must be disabled

Another solution could be to check the Edge Bar settings in Microsoft Edge, so don’t rule it out. Inside the browser, go to the address edge://settings/edgeBar and, when the page appears, make sure the option “Automatically open the Edge bar when the computer starts” is disabled.

That’s how easy it is to remove the search bar from Edge or Edge Bar on your computer, or get it back if you want to have it.

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