All of us who have an Apple device are aware that we use the ID for several important things: access the App Store, iCloud content, locate the lost device, manage credit cards, etc. Precisely for these reasons it is very important to have the password stored in a safe place. Although if we have lost it, we still have the possibility of reset apple id password.

Reset Apple ID password from iPhone, iPad or Mac

If we are already logged in on an Apple device with our ID, it is really easy to reset the password.

On iPhone or iPad devices

  • We go to Settings, then we will have to click on the button that has our name and profile picture.
  • From here, we are going to go to Password and security > Change password.
  • Here we will be asked to enter the password, after doing so we can enter the new password that we want to have from now on.

Something that we must take into account is that this last option will not be available if we do not have an access code configured for the device.

from a Mac

  • We go to System Preferences> Apple ID> Password and security.
  • We will have to click on Change password and enter the new password that we want to have.

Reset your password with another Apple device

In case we are not signed in on any Apple device, but have access to an Apple Store or someone we know with an Apple device, we can use the Apple Support app to reset the password.

  • We will have to go to the application store and download the “Apple Support” application from this link or searching for it like any other app.
  • Once we have the app installed and open it, we should see details about the device we are using.
  • Click on Passwords and security.
  • We go to Reset Apple ID Password > Get Started and choose a different Apple ID.
  • We press continue and enter the Apple ID.
Enter access code-

The steps to follow will depend on how we have configured the Apple account and what devices we have connected to it. For example, Apple may send a text message to our phone number with a code and then ask us to enter a passcode on some of the devices we use.

If we are able to complete these steps, we will be prompted to enter a new password. If this is not possible, it is likely that the application will send us to the account recovery system, which we will see a little further down.

When we do not have access to an Apple device

In case of not having access to an Apple device, we will have to go through the account recovery process. Obviously, it is not ideal that we have to go through this process if we do not have access to one of the devices, but unfortunately, that is how Apple works.

The process of recovering an Apple account takes quite a long time, several days, depending on the document that we find in the support section of the company. Apple ensures that the purpose of this is to give us enough time to cancel any malicious request sent by a third party that is trying to access our account and in this way, give us enough time to verify that it is really us who is requesting a password reset.

  • We start by entering and entering the Apple ID. You may ask us to confirm our phone number.
  • Depending on your account settings, you may see a variety of options, all of which require access to a connected device or an iPhone or iPad.
  • In case none of these options work for us, we will have to click on Can’t use any of these options?
  • From this moment, we can start the recovery process.
  • Here we may need to provide a verification number that will be sent via text or email.

In other supporting document From Apple, they comment that there are several ways to speed up the recovery process, we can even ask them to provide details about the credit card that we have registered or ask them to provide a code sent by email to the main address. They also state that contacting company support is not a way to speed up the process and will have no effect on the process.

When the wait time is over, we will receive a text message or phone call with instructions on how we can recover the account.

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