• Resetting PS4 controller is a foolproof technique to fix several of your problems
  • Doing so takes a second, and nothing else requires a clip, toothpick, sim stick or something similar.

Sony consoles need no introduction, and if well it is true that Unlike what happens with the PS5, in the case of the PS4 we are more used to its errors, the official PlayStation 4 controller can fail due to different circumstances. Of course this is especially annoying in those moments when we are trying to have fun. Here you will find out how to reset your PS4 controller.

And why reset it? Basically because, like any other technological device, the factory reset rules out software-related anomalies, and either we can use it normally, or we should start thinking about a hardware-related problem and the possibility of replacing it.

The good news is that the reset will not take you more than a few seconds, as long as it is the official DualShock 4 classic controller from Sony that accompanies the PlayStation 4 and with the advantage that, contrary to what happens when we reset the machine, the deletion of progress, configurations, etc. will not occur.

Reset PS4 controller step by step

To factory reset your DualShock 4 controller you will need a paper clip, toothpick, sim stick or something similar. The operation is very simple, since all you have to do is look for a small hole on the back of the handle, near the L2 button. This is the controller reset hole, specially arranged for it.

It is important, in this sense, that you first completely turn off your PlayStation 4 and disconnect the controller. Only then look for the hole next to the L2 button and insert the clip, toothpick or sim stick into it. Naturally, you have to hold down the button for a couple of seconds.

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reset ps4 controller 2
Only then look for the hole next to the L2 button and insert the clip, toothpick or sim stick into it

Automatically, the DualShock 4 controller should have been restored to its original settings. It should be ready, therefore, to automatically connect to your PlayStation 4 without any problems.

To sync it back up, simply plug it into the console’s USB port and then turn on the system. Immediately the PS4 system turns on, press the PS4 button on the controller to pair.

With the controller settings set up again, you can use the controller as usual.

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