AirPods are great, but when they stop working, your first step is to consider resetting them. Take a look at how to reset your AirPods with this guide.

Having problems with your AirPods? For example, are they cutting out or pausing too often, skipping streams, noise cancellation not working, or is there some other issue causing you to miss your favorite songs or podcasts?

If that’s the case, the first step is to consider resetting the AirPods. Resetting them can often eliminate any software issues and get your AirPods back up and running.

If you want to know how to reset your AirPods, follow the steps below.

How to unpair AirPods

If your AirPods or AirPods Pro are connected to your iPhone or iPad, you need to start by unpairing them.

Note: This article is about unpairing AirPods from your iPhone or iPad. However, if yours are connected to other devices like Android, a Roku device, or a Windows 11 PC, the idea is essentially the same.

To unpair your AirPods:

  1. Open the Settings from the home screen.
  2. Select Bluetooth on the menu.
  3. Find your connected AirPods and tap the icon information with them.
  4. Now, scroll down the menu and tap on the option forget this device.
  5. When prompted, press the option forget this device.

How to reset or restart AirPods

With the AirPods unpaired from your device, it’s time to reset them. Before you continue, make sure both AirPods have been in the charging case with the lid closed for at least 30 seconds.

Then, open the cover of the AirPods case and press and hold the reset button from the back of the case. It’s the circular button in the center of the back of the case. Keep it pressed until the status light flash red then flash white.

Note: You may need to hold the reset button for up to 20 seconds to complete the reset.

How to re-pair (bind) AirPods

Once the indicator light on the case constantly flashes white, it’s time to re-pair the AirPods. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your device for this to work.

To pair AirPods with your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the lid of the AirPods case and bring it closer to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Begin the setup process by tapping the button Connect in the AirPods notification on your screen.
  3. Follow the additional instructions on the screen.
  4. Choose whether you want to set up Siri now or set it up later.
  5. Decide if you want calls and notifications to be announced or customize the settings.
  6. touch Done and start using your AirPods with your iPhone or iPad.

How to reset Apple AirPods

Now that you’ve reset your AirPods, you can start using them. Hopefully the steps above will fix the issue you were having with them. Also keep in mind that you don’t always need to unpair your AirPods to reset them. However, Apple recommends that you do so, as it will ensure a new connection with your device.

Apple AirPods aren’t just for listening to music. For example, you can skip songs with your AirPods or turn on noise cancellation. You can also add AirPods to the Find My app if you need to track them.

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