• Windows 11 minimal updates should improve your performance, but they can ruin it
  • You may also want to delete junk files or sell your PC without much customization
  • How to remove any possible settings you have added to Windows 11?

Although the normal thing is that after the release of a Windows update it gets better and better, it can happen on certain occasions that there are small updates that do nothing but hinder its use. Precisely for that, If right now you feel that the new version of Microsoft’s operating system was smoother before, you have to know that you can always restore Windows 11 to its original state..

This trick, which works both on computers that originally came with Windows 11 from the factory and those that were updated to the latest edition of the OS, it is in charge of reverting the configuration, so that it is again the default, the one that those from Redmond have considered to be the most interesting.

This regardless of the reasons you have for your computer to run Windows 11 in its initial state, whether it is because you want to get rid of junk files that accumulate and slow down your computer, because you prefer a simpler configuration or because you want to see what Microsoft changed since its launch months ago. Alternatively, the reason may be that you plan to sell your PC, and that would be a nice gesture for the buyer.

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Reset Windows 11 to factory settings

Most users might think, at this point, that they have to download the Windows 11 ISO, performing a “clean” installation, but we are pleased to inform you that that is not necessary in this case.

Like its predecessor Windows 10, Windows 11 has a built-in function that allows you to completely restore the operating systemgiven that there are more and more situations in which we may be interested in obtaining a less tweaked experience of this OS.

Reset Windows 11 to default settings step by step

  • Click the Windows icon on the taskbar and select Settings
  • Go to System and Recovery, and under Recovery Options, click Reset PC
  • You can select if you want to keep your files or if you prefer to delete everything, as we see
reset windows 11 2

As we explained before, if you have decided that you are going to give away or sell the equipment, it is better to delete all your data. Deleting the files you ensure that no one can misuse personal information. Remember, yes, that for this to be possible you must have backup copies prior to the restoration.

Once you’ve confirmed whether you want to back up the items or lose them in the process, you must also choose how you want to reload Windows, with two possibilities being the obvious ones in these circumstances. You can choose between downloading Windows 11 from the cloud, or doing a local reinstall.

Then, You must tell the restoration if you want the Configuration that they offer you or make changes to it. Unless you are afraid that someone will try to recover your files in the future, stick with the one that Windows 11 itself gives you, because it will be more than enough for day to day use.

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To end confirm that you agree with the Reset button, and arm yourself with a little patience. Typically, Windows 11 will restart a few times until the reinstall is complete.

During this tour you will receive the usual questions from any normal Windows 11 installation.

reset windows 11 3


In the previous lines, we have shown you how you can restore Windows 11 to its original state. you have to know that the process may take a while, including multiple reboots of your computer. Eventually, in laptops we recommend that while you keep it plugged in.

Whenever you want to go back to the purest version of Windows 11, just follow this tutorial.

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