it’s possible to restrict the use of our Chromebook to certain users. In this way, only a certain group of people or a single person can use the Chromebook without any kind of problem, but no one else.

What are we going to need?

The first thing we are going to need is to log in as the owner on our device. The owner’s account is the first account registered on the Chromebook when it is new. In the event that we do not have access to the owner account, we will not be able to restrict who can use the Chromebook.

How to restrict your Chromebook to certain users


The first thing we will do is log into the Chromebook with the owner account. Once we have logged in, we will have to open the launcher and expand the menu until we see the application icons. Then we will have to click on the gear icon to start the “Settings” application.

Security and privacy.

Once we are in “Settings”, we will have to choose “Security and privacy” in the left sidebar. After this we will click on “Manage other people”.

Enable guest browsing disabled.

In the “Manage other people” settings, we can even prevent people without a Google account from using our Chromebook. In this case, we will have to disable the switch next to “Enable guest browsing”. Obviously this is optional, but it will prevent unauthorized people from using the Chromebook.

Restrict access to certain users.

Just below we will find the page “Manage other people”, we will activate the switch that is next to “Restrict login to the following users”.

So we can restrict Chromebook certain users.

After this we will be able to view a list of users who are already registered on the device. To remove a user from the list, we will have to click on the button that is right next to the “X” of each name. In order to add a new user, we simply click on “Add user”Which is below the list, will give us instructions that we must follow, they are very simple.

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Once we are done, we simply close configuration and that’s it. The next time we are on the login screen, we will be able to see a button that says “Add a person” this will be grayed out. If we ever want to add another user, we will have to visit Settings> Security and privacy> Manage other people and deactivate “Restrict login to the following users”.

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