Microsoft’s office suite is the most popular in the world, especially Word, which provides us with a series of functions that we can hardly find in other similar programs, even in the best alternatives to Office. But a great doubt that many users have is if it can really be reverse or mirror text in Word. In this article, we will show you how to achieve it.

Reverse text in Microsoft Word

The first thing we will have to do is start Microsoft Word and go to the Insert tab, now we will click on the Text Box button in the Text group.

We’ll need to select Draw Text Box from the menu and we’ll draw it on the document. When it comes to duplicating images, we won’t be able to do it without a text box. So let’s type and format the text in the box.

shape format.

Now we will need to right-click on the text box and select Format Shape from the menu. A small panel will appear on the right side.

rotate invert text

We will choose Shape Options. Next, we go to the Effects button, it’s the button in the middle. We will need to select the 3-D Rotation option and set the X rotation to 180 degrees. We close the panel and we will notice that the text box is reflected.

Shape fill.

In case we want to eliminate the shaded color in the text box, we will have to click on it, then go to the Shape Format tab and click on Shape Fill in the Styles group and select No fill in the context menu .

Rotate text.

We can also choose the outline of the box so that the text box doesn’t show up along with the text when you click outside of it. For this we are going to click on the Shape outline button and select No outline.

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How to mirror text in a table

In case we do not want to see text in a table, we will have to follow these steps. We start by clicking on an empty cell in the table, then we go to the Design tab and click on Text direction until it rotates 180 degrees. It’s that simple to mirror or invert text in Word

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