Google maps have a function that allows you to save battery power when using the navigator.

If you use Google Maps to navigate while driving or using public transport, then you can significantly reduce the load on your smartphone’s battery – slightly change the application settings. 

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Night Mode in Google Maps 

Google Maps has a dark theme – if you activate it, the background of the map will turn black. If you are using a smartphone with an OLED screen, night mode will help to save battery power even more: black pixels will not be highlighted and, accordingly, the display will consume much less power.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Maps on iPhone & Android « Smartphones ::  Gadget Hacks

To enable dark theme in Google Maps, do the following:

  • Go to the menu by tapping on your avatar. 
  • Open “Settings” – “Navigation settings”.
  • Scroll down to Color Scheme and select the Night option.

Google Maps users who often travel at night are probably already familiar with this feature: by default, it works in automatic mode and turns on itself at night. However, the dark mode in Google Maps has one significant drawback – it only works when you start the navigator (after pressing the “Go” button). If you open the app and start looking for some address, the map stays light. 

Dark theme is safe for eyes!

Night mode not only helps the smartphone save battery power, but it is also safer for our eyes – so they strain less to see the content on the screen. 

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