Not everyone can like us, even on social media. Fortunately, Facebook and all similar sites have the option to block someone for these cases. But on many occasions these blockages are temporary for us, perhaps we were angry or we did it by letting ourselves be carried away by impulse. How can we see the ready from blocked people on Facebook? It is something very simple and thanks to this we will be able to verify which people are blocked and if we wish, we will be able to unblock them without any problem.

A small detail to keep in mind is that, on Facebook, if we unblock someone, we will have to wait for 48 hours to pass before we can block them again.

How to see blocked people on Facebook


If we want to see the people we have blocked on Facebook, we will first have to log in to the social network from any browser. Once we log in, we go to the upper right corner of Facebook and click on the icon in the form of an arrow pointing down.

Settings and Privacy.

A new menu is displayed, here we will have to click on “Settings and privacy”.


Now, we will select “Settings”.

Blocked from PC.

In the left sidebar, we look for the option that says “Lock”.

People blocked on Facebook from a computer.

Here we are going to have all the people that we have blocked on some occasion; We can even use the “Block messages from” option to add new people.

Those who are on this list will not be able to see us on Facebook in any way, they will not see anything that has to do with us, not even comments on third-party publications. Much less, communicate directly with us.

How to view blocked list from mobile devices

Facebook settings.

We start by launching the Facebook application. Once open, we press on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper right corner of the screen. On iPhone, the lines are in the lower right corner.

Settings and privacy.

We scroll through the menu until we find “Settings and privacy”.


The menu expands and now we will have to click on “Settings”.


Here we go to “Audience and visibility”, we will choose “Blocking”.

List of people blocked on Facebook from mobile devices.

In this section we are going to see the list of all the people we have blocked on Facebook; If we wish, we can click on “Unblock” next to their name to be able to contact this person through the social network.

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